Register entries of Marriages, Baptisms & Burials

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Matterdale Marriages 1634-1910

Transcript by Brierley 1634-1711, Malcolm 'Jake' Prescott 1712-1910.
Note!  Spellings, in the source material, have been standardised.


10 6 1655  Thomas Hoggard Annas Grisdale PR130/1.1.07a

7 6 1663  Richard Hoggard Parkgate Alice Threlkeld Patterdale PR130/1.2.02

20 6 1663  Richard Hoggard Mary Dawson PR130/1.2.02

28 3 1692  Joseph Wilson = Margaret Hoggard

2 5 1695  John Brownrigg Troutbeck Margaret Hoggard Parkgate PR130/1.2.08

25 4 1709  Robert Hoggard Dockray Mary Powley Dockray PR130/1.3.05

25 4 1734  John Hoggard wid Matterdale Agnes Gilbank s Matterdale PR130/2.17

11 7 1735  Jonathan Scott = Ann Hoggard

30 3 1741  Lancelot Dawson b Matterdale Milcah Hoggard s Matterdale PR130/2.22

12 11 1750  John Greenhow wid Lowthwaite, Watermillock Mary Hoggard wid PR130/2.38

22 10 1766  Jonah Hoggard Matterdale Mary Thompson Matterdale PR130/3.19

Askham Parish Registers

Register 1566 to 1593 Jan 5th in the old style calendar contains Baptisms, Burials and Marriages.

1567 - The fiftenth day of Julye was Janet HOGERT christened.
Auguste 1570 - The sayd day (fourth) was Dorytie HOGGART christened.
1579. Aprill - The same (xij) was Alas HOGGARDE wyfe of Hewgh buryed.
1580, June - The xxviij was Hewgh HOGGARD and Janat SMYTH weddyd.
1588, June - The xxiij was John the son Hew HOGGARD chrystened.
1588, July - The xxiijth was John the son of Hewgh HOGGARD yogr buryed.

Register 1594 to 1608 Sept 25th old style calendar contains Baptisms, Burials and Marriages.

1597 - July 7 was Hewgh Hoggard buryed.
1599 - August 13 was Thomas Hoggard buryed.

Register 1608 to 1632 old style calendar contains Baptisms, Burials and Marriages.

1609 - August the 13 day was Jennatt Hoggard of Helto wedow buryed.
1610, Marche 17 - The same day was a stillborn child of Thomas Hoggard buried.

Register 1633 to 1670 old style calendar contains Baptisms, Burials and Marriages.

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Askham Parish Registers - Marriages 1754 to 1812.

Joseph CLARKE of the Parish of Bampton. Single man.
Martha HOGGARTH of this Parish. Spinster.
By Banns, May 28 1765. Wm Milner, Vicar.
Witnesses William BRACKEN, Richard HINDSON.

William HAYTON of this Parish. Batchelor. By Banns, June 22 1775. Wm Milner, Vicar.

William KIRKBRIDE. Bachelor.
Elizabeth RIDLEY. Both of this Parish. Spinster.
By Banns, May 12 1803. Wm HOGARTH, Officiating Curate.
Witnesses Jno KIRKBRIDE, Edward CLARK, George WILSON, Isabella YARKER.

Askham history

"The Parish of Askham is situated in that district of North Westmoreland which formed part of the ancient kingdom of Cumbria, and therefore was subject to incursions of the Scotch, on whose claim to this part of the country a new light seems to be thrown by the recent discovery at Lowther, by the Rev. F.W. Ragg, of an interesting deed or charter, from Gospatrick, the probable ruler of the district in the reign of William the Conqueror. Whether the country did, or did not, belong to the kingdom of Scotland, it is certain the Scotch vigorously maintained their claim to it, which was as vigorously resisted, leading to much unrest and continual fighting in the disputed territory, in which Askham doubtless participated, as in the time of Edward III the country south of Penrith suffered very considerably for two or three years from an incursion of the Scotch, before they were again driven back across the Solway; and a reference to the Alien Rolls shows many "Scots" settled in the district.

My thanks are due to the Rev. Gage Earl Freeman M.A. for so kindly allowing me access to the Registers, to the Diocesan Registrar, and to others who have furnished me with information."

- Mary E. Noble, 1904.

Martindale Baptisms & Burials
A message from Malcolm 'Jake' Prescott

Here are some HOGGART baptisms from Martindale, Westmorland which are not in the IGI :-

1687 dec 28 Thomas s William HOGGART
1719 jul 5 William s Thomas HOGGART
1720 sep 7 Mary d Thomas HOGGART
1722 jun 2 Ann d Thomas HOGGART

...and some burials :-

1689 jul 29 William HOGGART
1719 jul 15 William s of Thomas HOGGART
1723 feb 26 Thomas HOGGART
1744 oct 31 Mary HOGGART

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(especially MARTIN family).

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