This place is for Hogarths and variants of the name, all over the world, to drop by and meet, learn about other Hogarths and put their own  pieces into the huge Jigsaw Puzzle that is our Hogarth family history.

If you're researching your Family Tree, you just might find the missing piece of your puzzle among the pieces reposited here by other visitors.

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Site last updated: 20th of June 2015

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20th of June 2015
I'm sorry it's taken me quite so long to post further updates.  The truth is, I fell apart when my second long-term relationship (of six-and-a-half years) unexpectedly came to an end at the beginning of last year.  However, I'm now back in the saddle again and to prove it have posted an entry in our Music Links section for producer Jimmy Hogarth.

22nd of March 2014
I suppose it had to happen eventually, but our guestbook provider apparently stopped providing the service one or two months ago and then forgot to mention it to its users.  It was only today, when I wondered why we'd only had two guests this year and tried to make a test signing, that I learned the horrible truth.  Whilst I'm trialling some alternatives, I haven't yet found a secure alternative that's quite as configurable as the original, which is necessary in order to integrate with the rest of this site.

22nd of February 2014
Today's changes involve not only adding a Birth cert for my late uncle John Wedgewood Hogarth, but also removing Nita from my page of the Jigsaw Puzzle.

7th of February 2014
I've finally posted some BMDs that David Oliver kindly sent us way back in 2006.  They were overlooked at the time because two of the four certificates were duplicates of ones we already had and it's only now, after double-checking, that I realised two of them were actually new to us.  I'm therefore delighted to announce the somewhat late arrival of a Glaisdale Birth cert and Death cert.

6th of February 2014
No earth-shattering changes today, just a spot of weeding in our Links section while adding several more.  It seems the artists and scientists are breeding.

22nd of January 2014
While working on a brand new project which will appear on these pages very shortly, I've added details of the 1886 marriage, in Harrogate WRY, of Charles Hoggard and Frances Jane Fawcett.  Thank you Bryan.

6th of January 2014
This morning sadly saw the passing of Lancashire-born Simon Hoggart, an entertaining newspaper columnist, broadcaster and engaging writer, whose loss will be keenly felt by his many avid readers.  Simon's obituary is here, while a further article by colleague Michael White may be found here.  If you'd like to familiarise yourself with Simon's writing, his column on The Guardian's website Simon Hoggart's Week, is well worth a read while it continues to be available.

5th of January 2014
Today's update involved smoothing out a couple of annoyances and overhauling our Jigsaw Puzzle page so contributions are now sorted roughly in the order of their geographical origin.

4th of January 2014
First, let me wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and preposterous new ears.  I had actually intended to dress the site up in twinkly yuletide splendour for the festive season again, but was sadly thwarted by the unwelcome appearance of a virus which eventually hosed a total of seven machines I hooked up to my home network, including five laptops which were to be sold this Christmas in order to keep the wolf from the door.  And, no, the irony represented by the previous update in September was not lost on me!

Thus, whilst the traditional shuffling of the guestbook from a live to a static page may not be of earth-shattering importance, just being able to do it at all this time was a real triumph.  For example, at point I even had to resort to using obsolete software on an elderly XP machine to generate appropriate buttons for the new pages.  Thank goodness for stone-age technology, eh?

20th of September 2013
I felt it was high time I tidied-up our Your Security Online page, as it was beginning to resemble some kind of embarrassing museum of elderly software.  All but two of the items are completely free of charge, so help yourself!

20th of August 2013
While rummaging for something else earlier, I stumbled upon a number of certs which Clare Barrett kindly sent us ages ago.  I didn't post them at the time because they required a lot of image manipulation in order to make them usable.  However, after a fiddling frenzy today, two Birth, three Marriage and two Death certs of Hogarths from the Liverpool and Birkenhead areas have now been posted to our growing BMD section.  Thanks Clare - and sorry for the ridiculously long wait!

You probably know this already, but if certs appear small, you can enlarge them by stretching the window.  I'd hate to think visitors are squinting and mumbling over tiny images, unaware that each window can be stretched by simply dragging the corner.

19th of August 2013
I've added a brand new link today and I'm especially chuffed about this particular one because it points to the brand new website of my cousin Adam Hogarth [photo] who graduated from the Royal College of Art earlier this year with a Master's Degree in Fine Art.  For the record, Adam's grandfather was my dad's brother, Bernard.  Note: some content on Adam's site may be unsuitable for kids.

3rd of August 2013
Reading Greg Smith's fascinating account of his g-g-grandfather Richard's life in an article on The Noticeboard today, I felt the Discussion Forum format really didn't do his information the justice it deserves, so we now have a brand new page in the Jigsaw Puzzle module.  Those of either Scottish, Aussie or Kiwi persuasions may find something of interest here.

2nd of January 2013
Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.  For the past 2-3 weeks my feet haven't touched the ground and I have an e-mail backlog of near-biblical proportions to deal with before I can start on much else.  So no earth-shattering changes today, just the traditional shuffling of Guestbook entries enabling us to start 2013 with a clean sheet - and I'm delighted to see that someone has signed already.  Thank you, Mary.

10th of December 2012
On the subject of historical discoveries, I've just found a tree that Paul Hogarth kindly sent me in 2008.  I was very poorly at the time, so filed it away somewhere safe.  So safe in fact, that it's taken me four years to find it again!  If you have an interest in Lancashire Hog*s it might pay to check out Paul's Dolphinholme tree.

Today's other update is a 1961 death cert that I bought hoping it might provide some information on my Grandfather's brother John Hogarth.  It doesn't, but you may have better luck.

26th of November 2012
Ermm...  this is really embarrassing, but I've completely forgotten who originally sent me one of the certs that I've posted today.  So, if you recall sending me a scan of Henry Hogarth's 1840 Garstang birth cert about seven years ago, please give me a nudge and I'll be delighted to credit you.  The image quality isn't great, so that may be the reason I didn't post it at the time.

The second cert I'm posting today is somewhat more 'hot off the press', as it only landed on my doormat this afternoon.  It concerns the 1934 marriage of my dad's aunt, Catherine Anne 'Kitty' Hogarth.  I'm told that Kitty was a successful lady golfer who competed at County level and accumulated a fair amount of silverware.  She also gained an 'E' in her middle name since her birth was recorded.

20th of November 2012
No biggie, I just finally got around to finishing one of the projects that were cluttering up the place here.  If you wander over to the Reference Section and you'll find some selected census surname statistics.

16th of November 2012
In response to a recent enquiry on the Noticeboard, I was prompted to update our DNA Project page so that it reflects the testing company we're currently using, in place of our previous one which fell victim to the recession.  At the moment, I'm negotiating with another surname group that has claimed our surname(s), but hope to create our own group again shortly, at which point I'll start banging the drum until we've all got a headache.

26th of August 2012
Returning vistors may wish to check their bookmarks for Bryan Hoggarth's website, as he's recently changed hosting providers for the Sheep Fold.

13th of June 2012
Remember a time when postmen dressed like Postman Pat and telephone switchboards were staffed with real people?  Well, only a generation ago most of my family were employed by the GPO, as described in the newspaper clipping I've just added to The Scrapbook.

10th of June 2012
Alien alert!  Today's main update is the addition of a brand new page for our Reference Section to provide an index of all Hog* immigrants and visitors currently known to have passed through Ellis Island while entering the USA between 1892 and 1924.  If that sounds familiar, the new data is a fresh compilation designed to be used in conjunction with our existing, more detailed, Ellis Island spreadsheet.

Otherwise, I've carried out a number of sundry tweaks and fixes on the site which, if you don't notice, means I've done my job properly.

16th of April 2012
Today's addition is an 1838 Birth cert for one Isabella Hogarth of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, that was sent to us by Craig Collins whose line this is.  Isabella was the daughter of William Hogarth, whom several records show was born in Kelso in the Scottish borders where William's previous children were also born.

22nd of March 2012
If you think it's been a little quiet on this website recently, I can assure you it's been anything but quiet here in real life!  Anyway, today's addition is a Death cert from 1886 which was ordered in the sure and certain knowledge that it was my 2G grandfather.  It isn't.  Luckily, though, it does confirm that the person concerned was also called John Hoggarth.  It's at times like this I'm glad my names's not Jones.

1st of January 2012
Happy New Year everyone!  And I hope you had a splendid Christmas as well.  Mine was fairly splendidish if somewhat quiet, as Nita had just started a new job that involves spending every other week in the Brecon Beacons.  Anyway, today's update is simply the usual conversion of last year's Guestbook into a static page.  Meanwhile, behind the scenes here, tinkering continues apace.

Having now managed to more precisely place the Edmund Hogarth and Sarah Hogarth mentioned in my previous post, it appears that Edmund was actually the brother of William's father, Richard.  They were therefore William's aunty and uncle.  In her marvellous biography of Hogarth, Jenny Uglow suggests there was no love lost between the prosperous Edmund and impecunious Richard.  Hence the paltry shilling left to William's mother, Anne Hogarth (née Gibbons), in Edmund's will.

5th of December 2011
I've just added two further London wills that Christine has sent us.  It took a while for the penny to drop, but yesterday's Sarah and today's Edmund Hogarth, are without doubt close relatives of William Hogarth the artist.

4th of December 2011
One for London Hog*s this time.  Thanks to Christine Bocking, we have a new addition to our collection of Wills.  I'm usually noted more for my skill at producing wiggly writing rather than deciphering it, but it looks like this 1719 Will places Sarah, widow of Edmund Hogarth, in the parish of St Magnus the Martyr, at the top end of London Bridge.

I've also added Chapman Codes to our links page, just in case anyone was wondering what all those funny three-letter geographical location codes are.

1st of December 2011
You're probably thinking "He's a cheerful soul this week!" as I've now added extracts of a couple of Death certs sent to us by Patricia Jackson.  Pat says the certificates are for "my grandfather and my great-grandfather, both called Lancelot Hoggarth, who died within three days of each other in 1903."  Hmmm...  maybe I should come up with something a bit more festive for our next update.

Additional:  All right, how about a 1710 Baptism then?  I'd actually overlooked this one which was sent to us by Peter Huntly in 2009, but it came to light again during a trip up e-mail mountain earlier.  It will be of particular interest to those of the Scottish persuasion, as it concerns one Elizabeth, daughter of John Hogart in Rumbletonlaw, Gordon, BEW.

30th of November 2011
It is with great sadness I must announce that my uncle, John Wedgewood Hogarth, passed away in Middlesbrough on 12-Nov-2011.  This comes in the same year that John's brother, Bernard Kevin Hogarth, also passed away, on 7-Jun-2011 in Darlington.  Both will be greatly missed and this brings to a close the chapter for my father's generation.

On something of a lighter note, whilst I couldn't hope to compete with Bryan's remarkable input in May to our BMDs collection, I've now been able to add another marriage cert of my own to the mix.  This one concerns the 1857 Whitby marriage of my G-great-grandfather to his first wife, Alice, who was evidently the butcher's daughter and who died less than two years later.

7th of October 2011
It's been a funny old couple of weeks really.  First, eight separate visits by a succession of jolly circus folk, attempting to get my hot water system to supply water that's neither cold nor scalding, simply resulted in a sodden lounge carpet before I eventually fixed the problem myself.  Then a rather expensive Uninterruptible Power Supply decided to go to UPS heaven, waking me one morning with noxious fumes from its burning batteries.

I haven't had time to get completely bored though, as I've also put a great deal of effort into futile attempts to communicate with a series of annoying persons on the Indian sub-continent because my supposedly 'premium' broadband service only works at certain times during the hours of daylight.  Anyway, before they finally come and Taser me, I suppose I'd better get to the point and mention our new page in the Jigsaw Puzzle.

Back in 2009, a tentative enquiry by Isabel Neeb in our Guestbook, regarding the origins of her Cumberland-born grandfather who emigrated to Ontario, led to a response by Bryan Hoggarth, via our Noticeboard, that provided some valuable clues which helped Isabel to locate missing pieces of her puzzle.  The result is a brand new page from Isabel, for which she's kindly also provided a good many photos and certs.  Thus, another little piece of history is preserved.  Yay!

25th of July 2011
I was just pottering around the site oiling and mending stuff, when I noticed we'd been using the wrong address on our Patrons & Donations page for the past four years.  And there was me blaming the recession!

24th of May 2011
Today's update is the addition of 11 marriage certificates which Bryan Hoggarth kindly sent us some time ago.  It's only taken me two years...  Things are improving.

23rd of May 2011
DNA Heritage, the company we've been using for our DNA project, has ceased its operations and is in the process of transferring the business and other assets to Family Tree DNA.  Exactly how this will impact on the data from our own project hasn't been completely finalised yet, but existing test results and associated data will eventually be merged with those of the new owner should our members individually decide to opt in to their scheme.  There are FAQs at the above link which may help.

Other plans which are soon likely to move from the back burner to front, include porting this website to a new domain (www.hogarth.net).  That won't happen without lots of prior notice, but you may wish to make a mental note all the same.  The move will also free up a couple of domains I acquired for 'pipe-dream' projects but are now just gathering dust on my shelves, so I'm open to all reasonable offers on hogarth.us and hogarth.me .

On behalf of the editor of The Baronage Press, who has contributed 'The Hogarths of Berwickshire' and other very valuable material to this site, we request any information regarding the ancestors of the artist William Hogarth.  Please drop me a line if you are able to provide any details, however small, on William Hogarth's forbears and thus help us bridge a gap in history.  Even the tiniest of clues may help.

I'm doing this because, like you, I'm proud of my family's name and its history, while insatiably curious about all things 'Hogarth'.

You don't need a membership to participate here. All you need is an interest in the Hogarth name, or one of its variants.  It won't cost you anything either.  I'm not a huge fan of junk mail, so the mailing list won't be sold.  It's one of the few things in life that are actually free!

If you'd like to get a little more involved, just provide me with some info about yourself, maybe some family pictures with a little bit of history and I'll make a page for you that other Hogarths around the globe can read and enjoy. Or if you've got your own page already, I can link to it from here. It is for your participation that these pages exist and from your contributions that they grow.

And if you really want to make my day, send me your scans of Hogarth history.  Any kind of documentation. Birth / Death / Marriage certs, awards, newspaper articles, that kind of thing.  It's probably too late to start wondering where your Grandparents family details went, but it would be nice to think that in years to come, when your grandchildren are searching the Web, they will still find a record of *your* place in the Jigsaw.  History will evaporate unless carefully preserved.

Oh, and please do here. It's good to know when we've had visitors. Comments, critique and historical stuff are all particularly appreciated.  Or just say...

"Hi, I'm a Hogarth, too!"

Rod Hogarth, Bournemouth, UK.