by Ruth Campbell of Georgia, USA

155 Canal Place, Fayetteville, GA 30215. USA.

Rod's note:  The picture above and the extracts of text which follow, were sent to me by Ruth Campbell, one of our long-standing subscribers.  We all need a litle help from time to time, but right now, I'd say that Ruth really  needs it.  This is her story.

Rod, I've just suffered a house fire and lost all my Genealogy.  In your next newsletter you might want to go over the ways to protect and preserve it.  I thought I was doing a great job by making five backups.  However, I didn't put one in our fireproof safe, nor did I give it to anyone.  Just a thought.

My four girls (ages 9, 6, 4, 19 months) and husband, are faring pretty well and it's a miracle that we are alive.  The smoke alarms didn't go off because fire started on outside wall, or attic.  I awoke suddenly to crackling sounds on the roof and thought we were having a heck of a hailstorm, as it was snowing before we went to bed.  Luckily, we got out just in time.  It was 13 minutes before fire trucks came, by which point the house was totally in engulfed by fire.  We have had a lot of support from neighbors and our church.  Thank heavens for good people.  And thanks for your support!

I'm one who hasn't had any success on my Hogarth link yet.  My g-g-grandmother name was Harriet Howard Hogarth who married William John Hewitt in London, England.  On their marriage certificate it said her father's name was Thomas Hogarth, who was a commercial traveller.  I can't even find her birth in the British civil reg. -- I'm thinking I need to try Scotland, but didn't get to it, due to the fire.  William and Harriet had several children in London, England.  They then emigrated to London, Ontario Canada.

I can't wait to get started on my genealogy again, but there's an awful lot to do before I reach that point!

Ruth Campbell - 19 January 2002