Roxburghshire Hogarths
The Family tree of James Hogarth (1914-2006)
With additional material by Nicholas Murray-Hogarth

    Robert Hogarth (I) married Mary Cranston at Sprouston in 1748
    and had issue:

    Thomas Hogarth (I), born 1749 at Sprouston

    Robert Hogarth (II), born 1751 at Sprouston

    Elizabeth Hogarth (I), born 1753 at Ednam

    Janet Hogarth (I), born 1757 Sprouston

    James Hogarth (I), born 1760 at Sprouston

    Marion Hogarth, born 1763 Sprouston

    James Hogarth (I) married Isobel / Isabella Fox, born 1762 at Morebattle,
    and had issue:

    Robert Hogarth (III), born 1786 at Morebattle

    Janet Hogarth (II), born 1788 at Morebattle

    John Hogarth (I), born 1791 at Morebattle

    Mary Hogarth, born 1793 at Morebattle

    James Hogarth (II), born 1798 at Morebattle; hind (married ploughman) at Cessford in 1821;
    agricultural labourer at Cliftoncote in1841; agricultural labourer at Morebattle Mains, 1851;
    land steward at Shielstock Braes, 1861; died at Kelso, 1861 (then described as ploughman).

    George Hogarth (I), born 1800 at Morebattle

    Margaret Hogarth (I), born 1803 at Morebattle

    Elizabeth Hogarth (II), born 1805 at Morebattle

    James Hogarth (II) married Margaret Craig, born 1800 at Eckford, at Eckford in 1820
    and had issue:

    James Hogarth (III), born 1821 at Eckford

    Andrew Hogarth (I), born 1822 at Eckford

    Robert Hogarth (IV), born 1824 at Eckford; ploughman at Shielstock Braes, 1861

    Agnes Hogarth (I), born 1826 at Eckford

    Isabella Hogarth (II), born 1830 at Eckford

    Thomas Hogarth (II), born 1834 at Eckford

    Robert Hogarth (IV) married Janet Fortune, born 1821 at Melrose
    and had issue:

    James Hogarth (IV), born 1848 at Eckford; agricultural labourer at Threepwood House, 1871;
    at Langlea, Melrose, 1872; died 1911

    William Hogarth, born 1852 at Morebattle

    Margaret Hogarth (II), born 1854 at Yetholm

    Robert Hogarth (V), born 1855 at Morebattle

    Andrew Hogarth (II), born 1857 at Jedburgh

    Thomas Hogarth (III), born 1860 at Morebattle

    Agnes Hogarth (II), born 1863 at Morebattle

    James Hogarth (IV) married Annie Mauchline, born 1851 at Westruther (at Spottiswoode in 1872;
    died 1936 at Newtown St Boswells), at Westruther in 1872
    and had issue:

    George Hogarth (II), born 1879

    John (II)

    Janet (III)

    James (V), born 1885

    Thomas, born 1885

    George Hogarth (II) married Isabella Cannon in 1913
    and had issue:

    James Hogarth (VI), born 1914, died 22-Aug-2006.
    +Katherine (?)

    Kathleen Hogarth, born 1915

    Elizabeth Hogarth (III), born 1918

    George Hogarth (III), born 1921

    James Hogarth (VI) married Katherine Cameron, born 1915, at Edinburgh in 1940
    and had issue:

    David Hogarth (I), born at Edinburgh in 1941

    Peter Hogarth, born at Coatbridge in 1943

    Alison Hogarth, born at Edinburgh in 1946

    David Hogarth (I) married Barbara North at Fareham in 1970
    and had issue:

    Colin Hogarth, born 1971

    Caroline Hogarth, born 1974

    Peter Hogarth married Sylvia Gillett at Troon in 1967
    and had issue:

    Nicholas Hogarth, b.1973, m.2005
    +Lynne Murray (b.1973)
      Edward Michael Murray-Hogarth (private)
      Philippa Murray-Hogarth (private)


    NB. Dates in italics are based on death records and may be a year out].

    January 2000
    Updated September 2006