Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

I'm Roderick Paul Hogarth, born in Bournemouth, Hampshire.  Later, after the county boundaries were re-drawn, I was born in Dorset.

I married Carol Ann Dodd, who was raised in Ironbridge, Shropshire, on 15 Sep 1979.  Sadly, on the evening of her 50th birthday party in June 2003, Carol unexpectedly announced that there were 30 good years left in her - which she didn't intend to spend with me.  Thus, after being together for more than 25 years, we were divorced in March 2004.

We have one daughter:
Laura Marie Hogarth [ picture ], born 18-Dec-1982 in Bournemouth, an Accountant.

During my working life I've had the following jobs:
   Management Trainee (Gardner's Transformers, 1968-69)
   Surveyors Assistant and Tracer (River Authority, 1969-70)
   Soldier (260 Signal Squadron [SAM] British Army, 1970-73)
   Office Administrator (Transport Company, 1973-77)
   Production Control Assistant (Light Engineering, 1977-87)
   IT Dogsbody (US Financial Institution, 1987-95)
And finally...

From 1995 until March 2010 I worked for a major magazine and newspaper wholesaler which had branches in many parts of the UK.  My job entailed maintaining the company's database through liaison with publishers and users, while providing operational support at both national and branch level.  Eventually, the company was taken over and I was made redundant after more than 15 years service.

The timing couldn't have been better really, since worsening health problems had already made me decide to pursue early retirement.  On the other hand, it was a bitter blow to learn that yet another pension had been squandered by crooked company directors.  The total now stands at a shameful 32 years-worth of contributions, or my virtually my entire career since age 25.  Luckily they didn't want my sense of humour.

My Father was:
Vincent Paul Hogarth. Click here to go to Dad's page.  He was born on 2-Jul-1923, in Bishop Auckland, Co.Durham, and died on 1-May-1986.  Occupation: Cabinet maker & Carpenter.  He married Dorothy Louise Christy, born 7-Jun-1926, in Twickenham, Middlesex, Occupation: Retired RMN nurse.  On 17th December 2007, Mum died from Leukaemia which occurred shortly after receiving repeated doses of radiation treatment in Poole hospital for a Thyroid condition.

Here's an article which appeared in the Bournemouth Echo in 1996 about Mum's 70th birthday present -- and you are not going to believe the aircraft registration number which I promise you is absolutely genuine!

Vincent & Dorothy Hogarth had three children:
Roderick Paul (me), b.21 Feb 1952.
Jacqueline Anne, b.23 Oct 1954. Married Barry Stone.
Josephine Marie, b.23 Oct 1954. Married Dave Evans.
(Jacqueline & Josephine are twins).

My Grandfather was:
Wilfrid Hogarth. Click here to go to his page.  Wilfrid was born in Coundon, County Durham, on 25 Jul 1897 and died in Bishop Auckland, aged 66, on 31 Aug 1963.  Wilfrid married Edith Duggan, a nurse he met while recovering from a shrapnel wound suffered during the battle of Ypres, WW1.  There's an interesting, if grisly, tale associated with this episode of his Military service and I will elaborate upon request.  Click here to go to Edith's page and here for a picture of their house 'East View' in Tenters street, Bishop Auckland; which - I've heard from several sources now - was haunted!  In the early 1960's it was demolished to make way for a far less imposing block of flats.

Wilfrid & Edith Hogarth had four children:
Vincent Paul, (2 Jul 1923 - 1 May 1986), my father.
Pauline Therese, (1925 - 21 Jul 1977), married George Johnson.
Bernard Kevin*, (25 Apr 1927 - 7 Jun 2011), married Lucy Sinclair.
John Wedgewood, b.27 Jan 1929 - 12 Nov 2011, married Barbara Hoy.

* Bernard was justifiably proud of the fact that he was born on the very same day Newcastle Brown Ale first went on sale!

Apart from Dad and my grandmother, Edith, the entire family seems to have been employed by the GPO, and there's quite an interesting article about it [ here ].

My Great-grandfather was:
John William Hogarth, Born 3 September 1867 in Glaisdale, and at one time was a farm worker in Brotton, in the North Riding of Yorkshire.  He died on 26 Dec 1955, aged 88, in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham.  He was later a miner at Newton Cap Bank colliery and on 5 Jul 1893 married Catherine Hall [ picture ] b.1870, d.5 Jul 1947.  John William is pictured here on the left, with his dog Rosie.  A staunch Catholic, it is said that he attended church three times a day, in all weathers, and was the verger at St Wilfred's RC church in Bishop Auckland.  His house [ picture ] was at 40 Craddock Street.  After John William died, his son Wilfrid used his not insubstantial inheritance to commission an ornate solid silver Monstrance for use in the new RC church, St Mary's, in Bishop Auckland.  This device apparently bears a memorial inscription to JWH and it has been said that its purchase caused a great deal of friction between Wilfrid & Edith.  Ironically, the very same Monstrance was located by the church and used for Edith's burial service.

A picture of John William and Catherine's gravestone, in Bishop Auckland cemetery, can be found here.

John William & Catherine Hogarth's children were:
Mary Amelia Hoggarth, b.27-Apr-1894 in Coundon Grange, DUR; Died Bishop Auckland, DUR, 11-Jan-1938.
Wilfrid Hoggarth, b.25-Jul-1897 in Coundon.  This is my grandfather whose details are above.
Nora Hoggarth, b.15-Feb-1899 in Bishop Auckland, DUR.  She married late in life (hence no offspring) to Jim O'Grady, from Ireland.
John Hoggarth, b.2-May-1900 in Bishop Auckland.
Genevieve Hogarth, b.11-Feb-1906 in Bishop Auckland.  She was a nurse, who never married.  Died 24-Jan-90 in Ferryhill, DUR.
Catherine Ann Hogarth, b.29-May-1908 in Bishop Auckland, who married Charles Dunn(e) - a school Headmaster in Hartlepool, DUR.

(If you're not from the UK, you may not be aware that County Durham is the only English county to actually have the word "County" go before the name.  This is otherwise common practice with the names of the counties of Ulster & Eire.)

My Great-great-grandfather was John Hog(g)arth, baptised 28 Sept 1834, in Egton, NRY. An Iron stone miner, he first married Alice Parker (c.1834-1859) in 1857 and then in 1867 married Hannah Pearson (née Wedgwood) who was born about 1838 in Ugthorpe, NRY.  Hannah died 9 Oct 1872 in Swainby, NRY, aged 33.

My G-g-g grandfather was Luke Hog(g)arth, bpt. 23 Nov 1795 (twin of Francis), in Egton, NRY, d.07 Mar 1865.  He married Elizabeth Fawcett on 30 Jan 1834. Elizabeth was born 25 Oct 1810 in Ugthorpe, NRY, d.19 Apr 1892 in Brotton, NRY.

My G-g-g-g grandfather was Francis Hoggarth, bpt. 3 Feb 1762, tailor of Egton Bridge, NRY. He married Mary Garbutt, of whom little is currently known. Francis was buried in Egton on 17 Jan 1843, aged 81.

My G-g-g-g-g grandfather was John Hoggart(h), born about 1735, in Egton. Farmer of Egton Grange (Grains). He married Jane Shaw, born about 1735.

References to Luke and Francis, and John Hoggarth & Jane Shaw can be found in JL O'Connor's work 'Hearts of Oak', extracts of which we carry in the Reference Section on this site.  However, it should be noted that the work is known to contain a number of errors, e.g. mis-naming Jane Shaw as 'Mary'.  With the help of several good people, I am in the process of uncovering more of my family history and will add to these pages as more links are proven.

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