Will of Thomas Hoggart, of Bilsdale (made 1821) ???? to 1821
(Transcribed from a photocopy by Bryan Hoggarth, 1998)

I Thomas Hoggart of Bilsdale in the parish of Hawnby make This my Last Will and Testament in maner and form following first I order and Direct that all my Just Debts and funeral Expences be paid by my Executer Hearafter mentioned I give to my Son William Hoggart Twenty pound I give to my Son Thomas Hoggart ten pound I give to my Son Stephen Hoggart Twenty Pound I give to my Doughter Sarah Garbut the wife of Bengeman Garbut Fifty pound my will is that twenty pound of the Said Fifty Pound Which I give to my Doughter Sarah Garbut be Loged or kept in Olever Strickland Hand to give to my Doughter Sarah Garbut at time or times as he may think She may Stand in need all the above Legaceys to be paid Within Twelve months after my Decase I also give to my Grandoter Sarah Hoggar the Doughter of my Son Thomas Hoggart my Best Dreser at my Wife Decase, all the Rest and Remainder of my Effects of Whatnater or what kind soever or Wheresoever I give to my Dear wife Sarah Hoggart Whom I do nominate and appoint my Executor of this my Last Will Hearby Reveoking and Disanuling all Wills by me heartofore maid in Witness Hearunto I have set my hand and seal this Tenth of February one Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty one
                                         Thomas Hogart  +
Sined Sealed Published and Declared By the Testator Thomas
Hoggart as and for his Last will and testament in the presence
Of us Who are in the presence of Each other have Set
Our Hands as Witness            David Helm
                                                                     his  {seal}
                                            Gorge Hoggart   +

I do hereby certify that on the 23rd day of March in the year of our Lord 1821 Sarah Hoggart of Bilsdale in the Parish of Hawnby & County of York, Widow, the Relict & sole Executrix named in this the last Will & Testament of Thomas Hoggart late of Bilsdale aforesaid in the Diocese of York, Labouror, deceased, was sworn well & truly to execute & perform the same; & that the whole of the Goods, Chattels & Credits of the said deceased within the Diocese of York do not amount in value to the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds -
                                                           Witness my hand
                                       (2 l)                  Geo. Dixon, Surrogate
Sworn under £200     }
Exchequor                 }
Died 7 March 1821                       Passed 14th April 1821 und 200 l

??ll of Thomas Hoggart late of Bilsdale P. Hawnby deced proved by Sarah Hoggart W?
?? ????
   by G Dixon                                         14th April 1821 und 200 l

               R                                            R