Will of John Hoggart, of Appletree hirst (made 1811)
(Transcribed from a photocopy by Bryan Hoggarth, 1998)

This is the last Will and Testament of me John Hoggart of Appletree hirst in Bilsdale in the County of York Yeoman First I gave and Bequeath all my ready money Securities for money tenant right and Interest in the Farm and Grounds which I hold under the Honourable Mr. Duncombe and all my Farming Stock Household Goods and Furniter but what I set to my wife After Mentioned and all other my personal Estate and Effects of what nature or kind soever unto my son William Hoggart his Executors Administrators and Assigns Subject only to the payment of the Debts I may owe at the time of my decease my Funeral Expences the Expences of proving this my Will and the Following Annuity and Legacies (that is to say) To my Dear Wife Ann Hoggart the Anuity or Yearly sum of Four pounds during her life and to the day of her Death free from taxes and clear of all other deductions to be paid by four equal quarterly payments from my decease and the Legacy or sum of Five pounds to be paid to her Imediately after my Decease, and to have a Bed and all that Belongs to it, and all the Household Furniter that she Brought with her to me, and to have the North end of the House to live in with Mr. Doncombe Consent and to have all her Fire found by my son William Hoggart To my son George Hoggart the Sum of Six pounds, and Also to my Daughter Jane the Wife of Thomas Wilkes the sum of Five pounds, to be paid to them within Twelve Calender Months after my Decease and to my Grandchildren To Henry Hoggart the Legacy or Sum of Two pounds and Thomas Wilkes the sum of Two pounds and to Mary Harburn the sum of two pounds and to Ann Harburn the sum of Three pounds to be paid to them respectfully with out Interest at their respective ages of twenty One years but I declare and direct that if any of the persons to whom I have given Legacies as hearinbefore mentioned shall happen to die before the time hearby directed for the payment of their respective Legacies the Legacie or repective Legacies of him her or them so dying shall not be paid or payable but shall sink into my personal Estate for the benefit of my Said Son William Hoggart and Executor hearin After Mentioned and I declare and direct that my said son William Hoggart shall in due form of law and in the presence of two Credible persons who attest the same execute a Bond wherein he shall bind himself his heirs Executors and Administrators in the penal Sum of One Hundred pounds subject to a Condition for making void the same on payment by him his heirs Executors or Administrators to my said Wife the said Anuity of Four pounds during her life at the times and in Manner hearinbefore directed and the said Bond so Executed and Attested shall deliver to her within One Calender Month next after my decease in case she shall request the same Provided always and I do hearby declare my Will and mind to be that in case my said Wife shall be desirous to dwell and remain with and be maintained and be provided for by my said Son William Hoggart during her life then and in such case I do hereby Direct my said Son William Hoggart to take my said Wife under his care and protection and trust and treat her in a tender manner and in lieu of the annuity hearby given to and Intended for her To provide her with Suitable diet washing Lodging Cloaths apparel and other necessaries during her life and at her death to bear and defray the Expences of her Funeral and I declare that the provision hereby made for my Son William Hoggart is intended to be in full satisfaction and discharge of and for every claim and Demand for which I am or may be answerable to him as will for his Service to me as Otherwise And I do hearby appoint my said Son William Hoggart Sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and hearby revoking and making Void all former Wills by me at any time hearto fore made In Witness whereof I have hearto set my hand and Seal this 22nd Day of February In the Year of our Lord 1811
Signed Sealed published               }
And Declared by the above          }          his
Named John Hoggart as               }   John + Hoggart {seal}
For his Last Will and                    }         Mark
Testament in the                           }
Presence of us                             }

John Carter

Thomas X Garbut

Under 200£

John Hoggart Will

I do hereby certify that on the fourth day of March in the Year of our Lord 1815 William Hoggart of Appletree hirst in the Parish Chapelry of Bilsdale in the Parish of Helmsley in the County of York Son and Sole Executor named in this the last will and testament of John Hoggart late of Appletree hirst in Bilsdale aforesaid in the Diocese of York, Yeoman, deceased, was sworn well and truly to execute and perform the same and that the whole of the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased, within the Diocese of York, do not amount in value to the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds
                                                               Witness my hand
Sworn under 200£ Exch:                   Thomas Simpson Surrogate

(2£)                                          Pass’d 20th March 1815 - und 200.l

???? John Hoggart late of Appletree hirst Ch Bilsdale P. Helmsley deced
Wm Hoggart his son and sole Executor
       By Simpson                                     20th March 1815 und 200  l

         R                                     R