Pennsylvania, USA.

Peggy and the Bros.

Here are the 5 of us. The order is:   Tom seated. He's 56, was an IBM'er, now retired. I'm on the left - the only obvious female, 55, a Chemistry / Environmental professor. Brian is sitting on Tom. Brian is 42 - Sleep researcher. Mike has the hat on. He's 50, an Auditor / Accountant for Pennsylvania. Kevin is on the right. He's 43, an ER nurse.

We're the children of John R and Mary (Molly) Hogarth. We were all born in Jermyn, PA, where our family has lived ever since our great-grandfather John Hogarth emigrated here from North Yorkshire, England, in 1892. After leaving school we spread out, each of us setting up home in neighbouring states, but we still regard Jermyn as our home base. Click on the little button below, for some history.

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