Angela Hoggarth, London - April 2007

   Richard Hogarth, FL, USA - July 2007

   Isabel Neeb, Ontario - October 2011

This website remains a free service because each person named above has made a contribution towards the cost of hosting and maintaining it.  Their generosity is most gratefully acknowledged here.  Thank you!

Ever since it was created in 1999, I've vigorously resisted any suggestion of making this website a subscription service and have always avoided adverts like the plague.  After all, the content is given freely, so it simply wouldn't be right to profit from it.  However, it is quite an expensive operation to fund entirely out of my pitiful income, particularly now that I'm unemployed due to health problems.  Thus, any donation would be most welcome.  I promise the money won't be spent on Bingo and fast cars.

If you live in the UK and wish to donate, the best method would be to send a cheque to the secret location of Hogarth Towers, which is here.  If you're overseas, I would be grateful if you could you possibly email me first please, and note that food parcels probably won't fit through my letterbox.

Rod Hogarth