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From page 278 of "Forty Years in a Moorland Parish" by J C Atkinson.  The source is given as "Rotuli Litterarum Patentium" -- the Patent Rolls.

On the 26th of the same month [February 1216], John, being then at Lincoln, issues the following mandate: "The King to Philip Marc' etc. We command you that you receive and see to the safe keeping of the pris­oners whose names are underwritten, taken at Skelton Castle, who will be sent to you by Dame Nicholas de Haya -- that is to say, Godfrey de Hoga, Berard de Fontibus, Anketil de Torenton (Thornton), Robert de Molteby, Stephen Guher, William de Lohereng, Robert de Normanby, Roger le Hoste, Robert de Gilling, John de Brethereswysel, Thomas Berard's­man, and Ralph de Hoga." With scarcely an exception, if indeed there be an exception, these are the names of men holding of Brus in different parts of Cleveland, and the fact that they had been captured at Skelton Castle, coupled with the fact of John's personal presence at Skelton for three days, leads on to a self-evident inference. The castle had fallen, whether taken by assault or surrendered because untenable in face of the king's force.


The Editor of Baronage Press said of this article:

Bryan's note of Godfrey and Ralph de Hoga at Skelton is of huge interest, principally because it tends to confirm the continued association of Hog***s with Louvain (see Original thoughts...).  At the time of the siege 1215-16, Peter de Brus, 5th feudal baron (and third cousin once removed of Robert de Brus "the Competitor"), was one of the rebels plotting to replace King John with Louis of France (later King Louis VIII), and the Bruce family, (as their arms of a blue lion on a silver shield suggest) was kin to the Counts of Louvain.


Submitted by the Baronage Press

Early Hogard mentions -- Canterbury wills:
1454 Sir Andrew in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire
1511 Sir Henry in Norfolk, Essex and Hertfordshire
1526 Andrewe, gentleman, in Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire and Warwickshire.

Acts of the Lords of Council (in Scotland):
1494 William Hogert complains against Sir Robert Ker of Cessford, Nicholas Piersone and others about the murder of his son Thomas.

Various charters:
1463 Henry Hogart witnesses two charters at Edinburgh 21 February
1515 William Hogart witnesses a charter at Edinburgh 4 November
1520 William Hogart witnesses a charter at Glasgow 8 July

(The last two were Gordon charters, for Lochinver and Glen, father and second son, so it is probable that the William Hogarth of both was the same man.)

In the Calendar of Proceedings in Chancery in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, Volume II, pp. 9 and 35, George Hogarth appears as a party to a case.


Margaret Denham writes:

The Subsidy Rolls for Yorkshire list "Richard le Hoghird" in 1327.


The Battle of Agincort

The Roll of Honour from this famous English victory in 1415 mentions a couple of likely lads, namely James Hoget and Christopher de Hogh.  Click [here] to open it in a new tab.  - Rod

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