Hearts of Oak
Part II - The Hoggarths


This section contains extracts of the many Hoggarth/Hoggart/Hoggard references from Leslie O'Connor's remarkable work that chronicles the history of recusant families of the North-east Yorkshire Moors during and after the Reformation - a dark chapter of England's history.

I urge you to also read the introduction pages, in which O'Connor paints a vivid picture of what life was like for those who stubbornly clung to their faith, steadfastly refusing to attend Church of England services - the Recusants. He also explains some of the problems involved in tracing the history of these courageous, but secretive families.

Click [here] for a more comprehensive transcription of O'Connors book, which includes material that falls outside the scope of these particular webpages, and [here] to download the book in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader.

NB.  A number of errors are reported to exist in this work.

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Alexander a labourer and his wife Margery of Egton were bold enough to ignore the summons to attend their parish church and moreover, were found to have witheld a son from baptism, and in consequence space was made for the entry of their crime upon the list of Egton wrong-doers for the year 1611. Undismayed by this, their state of mind unchanged, they were again presented three years later as of six years recusancy and both aged thirty.This time however, fines or threats or both prevailed upon them and they attended the Sunday service both being down on the certificate of those conforming sent to the Archbishop by Nicholas Lewes, minister of the chapel of Egton in 1616. Thereafter they disappeared from the presentments. Remorse for their moment of weakness followed them and at last a sadder and wiser Alexander was presented once more in 1637, having risen in the world to the status of chandler, whilst Margery found her courage again appearing on the list for 1641 the year that her husband died so ending that little story.

The Egton baptisms do not show any children of Alexander but three are given to Thomas who married Mary Atkinson there on August 10th 1634. William was baptised on June 27th 1635, John was baptised on February 14th 1639 and Mary was baptised on September 20th 1641 without any indication of papist tendencies. The century closed clear of recusancy two Hoggarths being entered in the burials in the last decade. It was not until 1735 that Egton produced any recusant Hoggarths again when Francis, a shoemaker and Martha his wife were reported. A John and Alice had been listed as from Ellerby in 1691 and Thomas a bachelor from Lythe and William and Mary from Whitby were the only other Hoggarths for the year 1735. A John and a Francis are there in 1745 and the latter is down with two children nine years afterwards together with William, his wife and one child. In 1780 the situation changes to Thomas and Ann, and John with twelve children. At the same time there were William senior and his wife Eleanor and William junior and his wife Sarah and daughter Ann at Lythe as recusants but there were none at Whitby.

To follow the story further, recourse has to be had to the Easter Communions which they made at Ugthorpe between 1781 and 1827. At first names appear and gradually homes as distinct from merely the village. Cecily, William and Ann, Philip and Ruth, and the two Williams represent Ugthorpe in 1781, Gabriel came from Loftus and another from the hamlet of Dale House. Seven years later William senior comes from Briscoe apparently with his daughter Elizabeth, Francis and Ann appear and also a Philip junior son no doubt of Philip and Ruth. A number of children received their First Holy Communion from the hands of Fr. Bertout, the Hoggarth ones being John and Ann on June 7th 1795, George 1797, Ralph November 7th 1799, and a group of three brothers? Matthew, Joseph, John also in 1795. Elizabeth was received into the church on the feast of the Epiphany 1797, and Jane from Dun Bogs was received by Fr. George Leo Haydock when she was twenty-five, in June 1806 who performed the same service for Margaret also of Dun Bogs on Christmas Day 1814 when she was twenty-six. These young ladies seem to be Philip's daughters-in-law. During the next thirty years new families are seen and the homes become more clear. Ralph and Luke are at Biggin House, Henry and Margaret are at Dun Bogs, Jane Thomas and Judith are at Danby Cragge, later moving to America House overlooking Newton Mulgrave and Runswick. George and Mary are at Loftus, Francis and Mary are at Blue Beck Egton, John is on Egton Grange, Peter at Glaisdale where Hannah, John, Joseph, Thomas and two Marys are by 1826. Cecily lived at Mickleby. John and Mary occupied Snowdon Nab a farm above the Delves on the spur between East and West Arnecliffe. Another Frank and Mary lived at Butterpark a farm overlooking the Delves on the other side. Two Anns, possibly at farm place, were at Redmires and Goathland and a Mary was at How House - no, Mary was at Goathland and the second Ann was at How House. These particulars are from the only Egton list of Easter Communion.

It looks as though any continuity in this somewhat unsatisfactory catalogue of names and places will have to be found in the early registers and the census returns of 1851 and 1861. Perhaps the list of marriages will help to sort out the different families which by the dates of the census have become very numerous indeed and not without the ever present problem of several identical christian names occuring at the same time, a problem which has bedivilled this essay no end, already.

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  Date Parish Parties Home or Witnesses
1.   Egton Alexander & Margery (Chandler) Recusants 1611/37/41 Egton
2. 10/8/1634 Egton Thomas & Mary Atkinson
3.   Lythe John & Alice Recusants 1691 Ellerby
4.   Egton Francis & Martha (shoemaker) Recusants 1735 Egton
5.   Lythe William snr. & Eleanor Recusants 1780 Lythe
6.   Lythe William jnr. & Sarah Recusants 1780 Lythe
7. 29/2/1755 Egton John & Mary Shaw
8. 19/8/1766 Egton George & Ann Shaw
9. 1/7/1767 Lythe Philip & Ruth Topcliffe
10.   Egton Thomas & Ann Recusants 1780 Egton
11. 12/4/1779 Egton William & Cecily Harrison
12. 23/11/1786 Egton Thomas & Jane Saunderson
13. 23/11/1789 Egton John & Elizabeth Roe
14. 14/11/1797 Egton Philip & Eleanor Roe
15. 15/7/1798 Egton Francis & Mary Johnson
16.   Ugthorpe John & Jane Briscoe
17.   Egton Bridge Philip & Helen Sleightholme
18. 13/1/1804 Ugthorpe Ralph & Mary Roe
19.     Matthew & Mary Law Whitby
20. 28/11/1813 Egton John & Mary Corner
21.   Egton Bridge Peter & Ann Harrison
22. 8/5/1814 Lythe William & Elizabeth Wilson
23. 22/4/1816 Egton Francis & Susanna Jackson Whitby
24. 9/8/1819 Lythe James & Mary Harrison
25. 23/11/1811 Lythe Henry & Margaret Mead
26. 13/5/1823 Egton John widr. & Esther Frank
27. 27/11/1823 Egton Matthew & Susanna Peacock
28.     Joseph & Ann Eskdale
29.     John & Ann Woods
30. 30/1/1834 Egton Luke & Elizabeth Fawcett
31. 9/4/1837 Egton Bridge George & Ann Lyth
32.     William & Mary Fletcher
33.     Philip & Ann Theaker
34. 2/8/1835 Egton James & Ann Hill widow
35.     George & Ann Carr End Glaisdale
36.     Philip & Elizabeth Lythe
37.     Francis & Elizabeth Egton Village
38.     Philip & Dorothy Egton Village
39.     John & Mary Egton Bridge
40.     Thomas & Hannah Glaisdale
41. 13/4/1856 Egton Bridge Martin & Hannah Stanforth
This list is not exclusive and omits all marriages of Hoggarth females.

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To reconcile the evidence from the Ugthorpe Easter commuions, the marriages and the census returns is now an interesting task. Little help is forthcoming from the Egton parish records since the family studiously avoided even the registration of their infants. A start can be made from the Lythe records however where George, son of Philip and Ruth Hoggarth of Busco is entered for 26th May 17(7?)5, and Henry Topcliffe was buried from Dun Bogs on December 2nd the same year. Now Henry is Ruth's father and Dun Bogs became the home of Philip and his family for the next fifty years. Marriage 9 refers. John and Jane, marriage 16, are at Briscoe in 1807, Philip being godfather to their son Henry born 28th March 1804, a pointer to possible brotherhood and both sons of Ruth, as well as Henry, the husband of Margaret, marriage 25. The marriage of Philip junior appears to be 14. Leaving these for the moment a look at marriage 7 may be profitable.

The Shaw family farmed Lodge Hill Egton Grange for many years and Mary's husband may have settled there, because the Egton Easter communions 1826 show that Catherine, Elizabeth and Luke were there then, and the Ugthorpe one for 1813 give Francis who is no doubt the same person as the Francis and Mary from Butterbeck thirteen years afterwards. Now the John 'on Egton Grange' comes from the Egton Register of Burials "Jane wife of John of Grains, farmer December 17th 1779" which does not tie up with marriage 7 unless an error in name has occured. However E.P.R. 1780 lists John and 12 children recusants without naming the wife, a fact easily explained if Mary Jane is the mother. Who these twelve children are can only be found from the post 1813 burials bearing in mind that their births must occur between 1755 and 1779, and girl children pre-suppose the evidence of spinsterhood or married name.

This exercise brings to light:- John born 1764, buried R.C.from Egton Grange July 11th 1841 aged 77; Elizabeth buried R.C. from Egton Grange June 7th 1841 aged 72 born therefore 1769. John's death is the first entry in the Mortuary list of The Holy Guild of St. Hedda. There is no doubt that these happenings refer to marriage 13. Philip was buried on September 17th 1850 aged 81 from Egton Bridge, born therefore 1769. The relevant particulars for one of the Francis's are Buried aged 81 from Midgehole on January 17th 1843, born therefore 1762. The census 1851 for Midgehall gives Luke and his wife EIizabeth, marriage 30. From an interesting exchange of tenancy revealed in the two censuses it is discovered that Luke changes home with his brother Matthew who lived at Underhill. A fortunate entry in the Egton registers tell that Luke and his twin Francis sons of Francis a tailor of Egton Bridge were 'baptised' November 29th 1795 and another gives the burial of Francis the twin "R.C. from Egton Bridge" on February 13th 1834 aged 38, to be followed by Mary R.C0. from Egton Bridge aged 77 a week later perhaps due to an epidemic. This Mary could easily be his mother but is not marriage 15 which refers but an earlier one as yet untraced. From the infomation to hand there is nothing to preclude marriage 23 referring to this Francis albeit from Whitby. lncidentally marriage 17 concerns Philip 1769 above, and 27, Matthew. Another Egton born Hoggarth as revealed by the '51 census is from Egton Village namely Thomas born in 1771. His wife was Mary and their son Philip's marriage is 39.

The only female Hoggarth about whom sure information is known is Jane the wife of Philip Lawson. Dying aged 78 on April 9th 1816, born 1738 makes her of an earlier generation, more likely are Elizabeth the wife of George White and Mary the wife of George Barker but no birth dates have been discovered. So Francis, John, Philip and Thomas together with Elizabeth and Mary may be half of the dozen juvenile recusants listed by Rev.Richard Robinson in 1780.

Marriage 11 sets a poser for nothing is known about William or whether there were any children of the marriage. Cecily lived in Mickleby and is listed as a widow in 1803. She taught in the Catholic School Ugthorpe for £10 per annum succeeding Michael l Snowden on October 9th 1804 until April 22nd 1805 when Thomas Powell took over the job.She was very regular in her religious duties from the first, and stayed at Mickleby at least until 1826 when she was 81. At that time John Hoggarth lived at Key Green and it was at that farm that she died ten years later. Who this John was or whether he was a relation of hers is not known. During her later years and before she left Mickleby Elizabeth Readman was her servant. The answer to the last question or perhaps it should be the first, namely who were her Harrison forebears has been sought for a very long time.

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A story with a truly Biblical flavour can be told about Judith Hoggarth assembled from snippets gathered from all the afore mentioned sources. Marriage 12 is concerned. Thomas and Jane set up their home at Leaserigg where Judith their first child was born. In the baptisms, marriages and burials for Egton parish there are, between 1700 and 1800 only sixteen Hoggarth occurences, three of which relate to this story. The first naturally is that of the marriage 12, the second that of Judiths 'baptism', and the third and most tragic, that of her mother's burial just fourteen weeks afterwards. The actual dates are January 8th 1788 and April 25th 1788. Thomas is seen in the Easter Communions for Ugthorpe regularly between 1795 and 1799 and turns up as from Danby Craggs in 1802. Judith appears with her father in 1805 aged 17 also from Danby Craggs where they continue to reside until 1817. In 1812 however, Judith married William Welford in 'the new chapel' Ugthorpe before Fr. George Leo Haydock, the month being November and the date the 15th. Thomas had contributed the princely sum of £3-10s towards the new building, on the eve of his daughter's 20th birthday. 1817 saw the move of the family to America House where Elizabeth Hoggarth was the previous year. This Elizabeth first appeared at Danby Craggs in 1810 and how she fits in is not known. 1817 also saw the appearance of Jane Hoggarth there and she remained until the next year. What may be of interest is the fact that Ralph Welford, William Welford and Joseph Readman were also at America House in 1817. By 1824 the list reveals that Judith had five children between one and nine years old.

In interpreting the evidence of the communion lists it is assumed that persons disappearing from the list for any one home means either a death or a movement to another farm as in the case of servants or the marriage of children. The seat plan of the new chapel for 1818 shows Thomas 'renting' four seats in the fifteenth row (counting from the back of the church) on the gospel side, there being twenty rows on each side and the 'rent' being 6d per annum but whether per bench or per seat is not known.? Fr. Haydock's plan does not indicate who sat beside Thomas but Judith and her husband will be two of them. A William Leing took the other two seats in the bench. Only three of the five children mentioned above are known although others become so later. U.P.R. give John 1819, Elizabeth 1821, and William 1826 and Elizabeth's godparents are very interesting, namely Luke and Jane Hoggarth. Since Judith is an only child and Luke's marriage does not take place untill 1834 these two must be her cousins and very likely brother and sister, so that Thomas the widower of this story and Francis the tailor of Egton Bridge are brothers. This is not so unlikely as it first appears when it is remembered that Thomas first lived at Leaserigg. The 1826 Ugthorpe list gives Jane Hoggarth first communion aged 15 years from America House. This seems like Luke's sister but a query arises if she was a godmother when she was ten years old. The problem of Elizabeth Hoggarth being at America House before Judith went there from Danby Craggs is partly resolved by the entry in Ugthorpe deaths "18/5/1818 Elizabeth Hoggarth America House aged 73 years." If she is Judith's paternal grandmother, born 1745 there is no record of her marriage yet discovered. She is a contemporary of Philip and Ruth marriage 9, perhaps his sister-in-law. The same deaths tell of these of George and Ann from Loftus. George died February 27th 1821 aged 83 and Ann on March 8th aged 73 in the same year. A slip of paper in the U.P.R. gives details of another of Judith's children namely Ralph born April 21st 1829 with godparents Thomas Welford and Mary Hoggarth.

The records are silent until the 51 census reveals that William, Judith's husband was born in Brotton in 1791, that he farmed 150 acres with the assistance of one labourer and that he had a son Thomas aged 37, born therefore in 1814 and very possibly Judith's first child named after his father. The penultimate item of information comes from the 61 census where Judith is found a widow, residing at Glaisdale Green next door to her son William now married to a lady called Esther. Judith's grandchildren next door are Joseph aged 13, born Egton, Elizabeth aged 10 born Lythe, John aged 8 born Lythe, William aged 4 born Glaisdale, Ann aged 2 born Glaisdale revealing very clearly the movements of Judith's son William. Unfortunately at the moment of typing the last item in this story is not to hand but will be included later.
[22/10/1972 - Glaisdale]

Speculation as to the identity of Ralph Welford who visited America House in 1817 and his possible relatlonship with Judith's husband William will be dealt with in the Welford story.

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13/5/1766 George, son of John Hoggarth, papist.
22/2/1774 Isaac, son of John Hoggarth, papist

The above items of information, noted then overlooked, and finally rediscovered in the preparation of this essay, prompted a search for the source.This was found amongst the papers of the late Mr. Ward, for the perusing of which, many thanks are due to his nephew Mr. B. Mackridge. The actual document was a fragment of the Egton registers covering the years 1761 and 1779 apparently a draft copy kept by Revs. Jonathan and Richard Robinson before entering up the main registers. Mr. Ward's mother was a Smith of the Egton Bridge family and she was Richard Robinson's great-granddaughter. The question as to why they were overlooked was solved by a careful comparison of the fragment with the corresponding years of the Bishop's transcripts and the answer was that they were not in the transcripts at alI! This was possible because Mr. Mackridge had allowed a copy to be made which copy has been extensively used for these potted family histories. Covering a limited period however, recourse had to be made to the transcripts for the other periods. Without the assistance of Dr. W.J. Sheils, Senior Archivist of the Borthwick Institute of Historical Research who very kindly made the transcripts available, this peculiar disrepancy would never have been discovered.

The full extent of the discrepancy amounts to an ommission of sixty-six baptisms and forty-five burials; the fragment did not include any marriages. The Robinsons had a habit of sometimes endorsing an entry with the addition of the word 'papist' as above. Ten such endorsments were among the sixty-six and all were ommitted and nine were among the forty-five and all ommitted likeewise. It must be pointed out that the fragment contained no entries of baptism for the year 1767 nor entries of burial between Feb. 22nd 1767 and May 2nd 1768. As it has been through many hands this is not remarkable. Moreover it did contain baptisms and burials relating to Glaisdale and Goathland, chapelries dependant upon Egton, about which parish alone, these matters are being discussed.

Notwithstanding the fact that these omissions militate against the purpose of this study, several questions arise which clamour for answer:-

  1. Are they accidental or deliberate?
  2. Are they, assuming the second alternative in 1. is correct, the work of the vicar alone, the churchwardens alone, or all together?
  3. Do they extend beyond the period under review?
  4. Are they confined to this parish only?
  5. Are the other fifty-six also papists known to the vicar and churchwardens?
  6. Are the other thirty-six burials also of papists too?

The answers to these questions provide the subject matter for a completely different study, suffice it for the moment that they be posed.

Now to return to the Hoggarth History. The items aforesaid clearly provide two certain additions to the children of John Hoggarth recusant of Egton in 1780, and also it is the fragment which provides three items concerning Ralph Hoggarth of Glaisdale. To householder Ralph a daughter Elizabeth was baptised on May 13th 1768. Mary followed on June 6th 1770, and Elizabeth dying, another child was christened Elizabeth on April 28th 1771. Ralph was a yeoman in 1770 but reverted to householder the next year, these being but the parish clerk's descriptions. He was contemporary with John also of Glaisdale whose son Thomas was buried on May 22nd 1769. Yet none of these people found themselves on the Glaisdale list of recusants in 1780.

Nothing has turned up to help to sort out the William Hoggarths of the Lythe list of recusants for 1780 except the death of WilIiam of Ugthorpe who died aged 39 on Sept. 29th 1790 apparently William junior the husband of Sarah, and the birth of Ann Hoggard on June 1st 1737 to William and Alice of East Row. This would be nice except that the wife of William senior is given as Eleanor in the returns. Even so Ann was baptised by Fr. Hervey at Ugthorpe.

Looking through the Lythe deaths discovers the fact that Newton Brows and America House and the Greena of U.P.R. all refer to one and the same place and that Henry Hoggarth was buried from Moorside aged 54 on March 4th 1827 born therefore in 1773.

There remains little else but to collate all the above information family by family using what continuity it has been possible to discover.

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Two Hoggarth deaths have come to light:-

August 28th 1838 William Hoggarth aged 63 labourer from Ugthorpe, born therefore 1775

August 20th 1840 Ralph Hoggarth aged 69 labourer from Ugthorpe, born therefore 1771

Obviously these are not included in the Lythe returns of recusants for 1780 being children at that date, but they may be children of William junior and Sarah, marriage 6. Ann Lyth nee Hoggarth died June 20th 1814 aged 48, born therefore 1766, nothing points to her being the Ann mentioned in the return.

Let Egton begin:-

John Hoggarth marriage 7 Mary Shaw Egton, February 29th 1755

E3. Thomas b. lived first Leaserigg, then Danby Craggs, then America Hse.
E4. Francis b.1762 buried from Midgehole aged 81 January 17th 1843.
E5. John b.1764 buried Eg. Grange aged 77 July 11th 1841.
E6. George b.15/5/1766 nothing further known
E8. Philip b.1769 buried from Eg. Bridge aged 81 September 17th 1850.
E11. Isaac b.22/2/1774 nothing further known.

E4. Francis Hoggarth marriage ? Tailor Egton Bridge
E43. Luke b.23/11/1795
E44. Francis b.23/11/1795 buried Egton Bridge aged 58 February 13th 1834.
E45. Matthew b.1799

E3. Thomas Hoggarth marriage 12 Jane Saunderson Eg. November 23rd 1786
E31. Judith b.8/1/1788 Thomas perhaps remarried Catherine who died Feb.5th 179?

E5. John Hoggarth marriage 15 Elizabeth Roe Eg. November 23rd 1789.
E54. James b.1/1/1797
E59. Thomas b.28/7/1805

E8. Philip Hoggarth marriage 17 Helen Sleightholme
E83. Dorothy b.1807 married Mr. John Smith of Egton Bridge June 26th 1837
E87 George b.5/7/1814

Another Francis and Mary lived at Egton village both being buried on the same day April 12th 1853 aged respectively 83 and 85 years. A son Philip was born in 1800.
E43. Luke Hoggarth marriage 30 Elizabeth Fawcett Eg. January 30th 1834
The family lived at Midgehole Egton Bridge exchanging homes with E45 Matthew from Underhill Glaisdale.
E431. John b.28/9/1834 Gpts.Thomas Hoggarth & Mary Harrison
E432. Francis b.29/5/1836 Gpts. John Harrison & Jane Hodgson
E433. William b.22/12/1838 Gpt. Thomas Heslop & Mary Hodgson
E434. Thomas b.1842  
E435. Margaret b.1845  
E436. Jane b.1850  

E45. Matthew Hoggarth marriage 27 Susanna Peacock Eg. November 27th 1823.
This family was baptised at St. Hilda's Bagdale and probably lived at Hawsker, till about 1850.
E451. Elizabeth b.6/6/1824 Gpts. George Roe & Susan Hoggarth  
E452. Jane b.17/8/1826 Gpts. George Harrison & Mary Hutchinson  
E453. William b.14/1/1828 Gpts. Joseph Hoggarth & Catherine Hoggarth  
E454. James b.4/4/1831 Gpts. John Harrison & Jane Wardale  
E455. Susanna b.25/3/1833 Gpts. Joseph Harrison & Dorothy Harrison  
E456. Isaac b.10/10/1835 Gpts. William Watson & Anna Hoggarth  
E457. Mary b.30/3/1833 Gpts. William Hart & Anna Turner  

E87. George Hoggarth marriage 31 Ann Lyth Eg.Br. April 9th 1837
E871. George b.2/11/1837 Gpts. John Harrison & Hannah Lyth
E872. Elizabeth b.16/5/1840 Gpts. George Barker jnr & Hannah Readman
E873. Jane b.1843
E874. John b.1847
E875. Elinor b.1850

Gaps in identity numbers indicate the presence of unknown children.

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John Hoggarth marriage 29 Ann Woods an unplaced Egton family.

7/1/1836 George b. Egton Gpts. Peter White & Margaret Readman
16/6/1837 Philip b. Egton Gpts. James Harrison & Ann Hoggarth
16/4/1839 Andrew b. Egton Gpts. Thomas Shaw & Anna White

A child Lucy Hoggarth daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann -? was baptised at Egton Bridge on April 29th 1839 of another unplaced Egton family.
An attempt to collate the Ugthorpe families follows:-

Philip Hoggarth marriage 9 Ruth Topcliffe Lythe July 1st 1767.
These are the only known children of Philip and Ruth who lived at Dun Bogs until 1824, U1. not actually verified and more likely to be U2.

U1. Ralph b.1771  
U2. Philip b.  
U3. John b.  
U4. Henry b.1773
U5. George b.26/5/1775 Nothing further known as yet.

U3.John Hoggarth marriage 16 Jane ? lived Briscoe.
U32. Henry b.28/3/1804 Gpts. Philip Hoggarth & Elizabeth Johnson
U33. Ruth b.29/3/1805 Gpts. Francis Cornthwaite & Elizabeth Craggs The Bishop?
U34. Elizabeth b.26/7/1806 Gpts. George White & Elizabeth Harrison
U35. George b.9/9/1808 Gpts. John Lyth & Anna Barton
U36. Mary b.12/3/1810 Gpts. Francis Harrison & Jane Wilson

U1. Ralph Hoggarth marriage 18 Mary Roe Ugth. January 13th 1804
U21. Jane b.14/7/1804 Gpts. John Wilson & Mary Hoggarth
U22. Mary b.11/3/1807 Gpts. Michael Snowden & Mary Shimmin
Ralph later marries Jane Wilson at Ugthorpe on March ? 1814.
U4. Henry Hoggarth marriage 25 Margaret Mead Lythe November 23rd 1811
U45. William b.24/11/1819 Gpts. Philip Hoggarth & Mary Hoggarth
U46. Thomas b.1/3/1822 Gpts. John Hoggarth & Elizabeth Hodgson
U47. Margaret b.9/6/1824 Gpts. Francis Hoggarth & Elizabeth White

Unplaced William Hoggarth marriage 22 Elizabeth Wilson Lythe May 8th 1814.
Jane b.19/2/1815 Gpts. WiIliam Welford & Helen Haydock
George b.18/2/1817 Gpts. Joseph Hoggarth & Mary Heslop
Elizabeth b.5/9/1820 Gpts. Thomas Shaw & Mary Hoggarth
William b.5/2/1823 Gpts. Thomas Hoggarth & Christine Fishburn at Whitby
Helen b.6/6/1824 Gpts. Luke Hoggarth & Helen Wilson at Whitby
Mary b.16/9/1827 Gpts. Thomas Heslop & Ann Welford

An attempt to collate the Glaisdale Families follows:-
These brothers and sister lived at Lealholmside 1851/1861. Parents unknown.
Ellen Hoggarth b.1785 spinster
John b.1786 surveyor of Highways, bachelor
George b.1789 bachelor, beehive maker.

John Hoggarth marriage 20 Mary Corner Egton, November 28th 1813
This family probably lived at Snowden Nab first, then moving to Grosmont by 1851.
G1. Ann b.28/12/1814 Gpts. Thomas Shaw & Mary Hoggarth
G4. John b.30/1/1820 Gpts. Matthew Hoggarth & Elizabeth Hoggarth
G5. Elizabeth b.29/5/1822 Gpts. Matthew Readman & Elizabeth Roe
G6. George b.1825
G7. Catherine b.8/11/1827 Gpts. Ralph Harrison & Margaret Harrison
G8. Thomas b.7/3/1831 Gpts. Joseph Hoggarth & Ann Hoggarth
G9. Charles b.18/ 8/1834 Gpts. William Wilson & Ellis Hoggarth

Unplaced Peter Hoggarth marriage 21 Ann Harrison
Jane b.11/5/1813 Gpts. Francis Hoggarth & Ann Harrison
Thomas b.4/4/1816 Gpts. Joseph Harrison & Mary Hoggarth
Francis b.10/3/1819 Gpts. John White & Elizabeth Roe
Elizabeth 7/12/1822 Gpts. Robert Harrison & Martha Harrison

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Whitby Hoggarths are represented by :-

Matthew Hoggarth marriage 19 Mary Law Peak Hill

W1. Thomas b.10/8/1805 Gpts. Philip Hoggarth & Amelia White
W2. Philip b.15/2/1807 Gpts. John Hoggarth & Ruth Hoggarth
W3. John b.11/1/1810 Gpts. William Hutchinson & Jane Hutchinson
W4. Matthew b.14/3/1812 Gpts. Joseph Harrison & Mary Harrison
W5. William b.14/4/1815 Gpts. Francis Fishburn & Elizabeth Lyth
W6. Francis b.28/4/1817 Gpts. Thomas Harrison & Elizabeth Fishburn
W7. Mary b.19/4/1820 Gpts. Henry Hoggarth & Elizabeth Watson
W8. Ann b.7/7/1821 Gpts. Thomas Hoggarth & Christine Fishburn
W9. Jane b.29/8/1823 Gpts. Joseph Hoggarth & Jane Russell

There seems to be close affinity between both the Egton and Ugthorpe families here pointing to the possibility that Matthew is a brother of U1/5 or E1/12. The Fishburns are evidently members of the noted shipyard family. The first statement is confirmed by the baby of Matthew's family namely Ruth, omitted above.
WX. Ruth       b.29/11/1826 Gpts. Francis Fishburn & Elizabeth Watson.

Although all the entries which follow are Whitby ones Francis the father could be:-
E44. Francis Hoggarth marriage 23 Susanna Jackson Eg. 22nd April 1816

Robert b.15/1/1819 Gpts. John Shaw & Ann Gibson
George b.4/3/1821 Gpts. Matthew Harrison & Jane Liddle
Sara b.29/8/1823 Gpts. Matthew Readman & Catherine Roe
Hemma b.4/8/1827 Gpts. Thomas Hoggarth & Mary Hoggarth
Ann b.30/9/1830 Gpts. George Wardale & Catherine Hoggarth
Thomas b.22/12/1831 Gpts. John Harrison & Catherine Hoggarth
Isaac b.9/4/1834 Gpts. Joseph Hoggarth & Ann Hoggarth

Another pair, married at Egton moved to Whitby:-
Matthew Hoggarth marriage 27 Susanna Peacock Eg. Nov. 27th 1823 but this family has already been dealt with. See E45 above.

Also unplaced is the family of:-
Joseph Hoggarth marriage 28 Ann Eskdale
Elizabeth b.19/4/1823 Gpts. John Porritt & Ann Hoggarth
William b.20/11/1826 Gpts. William White & Catherine White

and James Hoggarth marriage 24 Mary Harrison Lythe, August 9th 1819
Ann b.22/1/1825 Gpts. William Harrison & Ann Turner
Hilda b.11/3/1829 Gpts. William Harrison & Grace Watson

and Philip Hoggarth marriage 33 Ann Theaker
Richard b.29/4/1838 Gpts. Charles Gibson & Elizabeth Bentley
Ann b.10/9/1839 Gpts. John Leng & Elizabeth Lyth.

All in all, the Hoggarth families, by 1840 scattered throughout the villages of Lythe, Ugthorpe, Glaisdale, Egton, Egton Bridge, Grosmont and Goathland can be well subjected to further examination. Lines of continuity have not been so readily apparent; and the Whitby census returns have yet to be consulted.

The Egton Hoggarths represented by Philip and Dorothy only were tenants of three acres, one rood and twenty-five perches of land, comprising a cottage, cowhouse for an annual rental of £5-5s. In 1853 their home was situated on the right-hand side of the road as one goes up the bank towards Egton a few cottages above the Mass House.

To Egton Bridge went George and Ann who rented a cottage, outbuildings and land, seven acres, two roods and ten perches for £12-10s a year. It was situated on the left-hand side of the road from Egton Bridge to Goathland immediately across the bridge. There are cottages there today. Together with Luke they farmed the fields along the lower reaches of Butterbeck. Luke's home Midgehall was about fifty yards up the lane above the point where it crosses the beck. The lane leads eventually to Hole now called Hall Grange Farm. Midgehall no longer exists. Luke's tenancy comprised also a cottage, outbuildings and land to the extent of eight acres no roods and twenty-five perches for a rental of £8-10s a year, but since some of the fields were on the valley side they were valued at a lower assessment.

There is no information about any other Hoggarth homesteads.

Rod's Notes:

1.  John Hoggarth & Mary Shaw, shown in the list of Marriages on page 180 above, are my G5 grandparents.  It has been conclusively established that 'Mary' Shaw's name was actually Jane is and recorded incorrectly here.

2.  Both Peggy Hogarth Minnis and Jack Beale are descendants of John Hoggarth & Mary Corner.

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