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I am Malcolm Hogarth, born in Stockport on 20th of April 1957, the son of Neville William John Hogarth and Sylvia (née Reed).  My father was born on the 10th of June 1930.

Some years ago, between November 1988 and March 1990, I employed the services of a professional genealogy firm in an attempt to uncover my ancestors' details.  They had a fair degree of success -- their best efforts culminating in the provision of a good deal of general information and several BMD certificates (not all of which were relevant, although all are in place on this website).  They were however, also able to provide me with some specific data, and that which follows is a summary of the information contained in their reports.

I have placed it here in the hope that it will help other visitors, who in turn, may also be able to provide further clues and put a few more leaves on this tree.


Summary of the Research Data

Research began with a search of the GRO indexes for the birth of Neville William John Hogarth in the September quarter of 1930 for the Plymouth registration districts.  This revealed reference number 5b 325.  A certificate was then purchased that contained the following information.

   Plymouth Registration District
   Plymouth South East Sub-district
   18th June 1930 (sic)
   43 Carfrae Terrace U.D.
   Neville William John (son of) William Alfred Hogarth
   (by) Gladys Frances Maud Hogarth formerly Harvey
   Father's occupation: Seaman R.N.
   Informant: W. Hogarth, Father, 43 Carfrae Terrace, Plymouth.
   15th July 1930

The next step was to look for the marriage of William & Gladys.  Matching entries were located in the Plymouth registration district for the December quarter of 1927 (5b 635).  A certificate was obtained that reads as follows.

   St. John's Church, Sutton-on-Plym.
   26th December 1927
   William Alfred Hogarth, 21 years, A.B. R.N.
   44 St. Leonard's Road
   (son of) Charles Henry Hogarth, Furniture Remover
   (married) Frances Maude Harvey, 20 years, Spinster
   44 St. Leonard's Road
   (daughter of) William Thomas Harvey, Foreman
   after Banns
   Witnesses: Charles Henry Landricombe
   Vera Gladys Emily Kid

A search for the birth of William Alfred eventually turned up a birth in the Barton-upon-Irwell district, in the September quarter of 1907 (8c 657).  The certificate gives these details.

   Barton-upon-Irwell Registration District
   Stratford Sub-district
   8th May 1907
   22 Clifford Street, Stretford U.D.
   William Alfred
   (son of) Charles Henry Hogarth
   (by) Elizabeth Hogarth formerly Williamson
   Father's occupation: Painter (journeyman)
   Informant: C.H. Hogarth, Father, 22 Cifford Street, Stretford
   2nd July 1907

The marriage certificate for Charles & Elizabeth was then found in the Chorlton district, in the September quarter of 1902 (8c 1620).  It gives these details.

   Chorlton District Register Office
   13th September 1902
   Charles Henry Hogarth, 33 years, Bachelor,
   Painter Journeyman, 4 Withnall Street, Wigan
   (son of) John Hogarth (deceased) Picture frame fitter
   (married) Elizabeth Williamson, 23 years, Spinster,  -   -
   11 Norton Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock
   (daughter of) William Rufus Williamson, Surveyor
   by Certificate
   Witnesses: William Hogarth, Margaret Winifred Humphries

Attempts to pinpoint the birth of John Hogarth, father of Charles, proved to be a little more difficult.  A number of false trails were followed until the following Parish record was located in the I.G.I.

   John Joseph, baptized son of Joseph Hogarth and Ellen Hogarth,
    17th October 1832, Old Church, Saint Pancras.

(This coincides with information obtained from census returns.)

The earlier marriage of John's parents was also located.

   Joseph Hogarth married Ellen Taylor, 19th April 1827,
    Saint Luke, Old Street, Finsbury.

This is almost certainly the baptism of Joseph:-

   Joseph, baptized son of Joseph and Ann Hogarth,
    29th November 1801, Old Church, Saint Pancras.

No earlier entries were found and it is therefore unclear whether this family resided in London at all in the 1700's.  Thus it was decided to consult Trade directories for occurrences of John Joseph, or his father Joseph.  In an (unspecified) directory of 1835, these references were found:-

   Hogarth, James, Carrier, Brixton.
   Hogarth, John, Coal Merchant, 20 Assembly Row,
    Mile End Road, and Broadway Borough.
   Hogarth, Joseph, Mounter and Inlayer of Prints and Drawings,
    60 Great Portland Street.
   Hogarth, Joseph, Grocer, 56 Kingsland Road.

A Post Office Directory, for the census year of 1841, contained the following:-

   Hogarth, Joseph, Inlayer and Print Mounter,
    60 Great Portland Street.

Similarly, examination of a Post Office directory for the year 1845 yielded these individuals:-

   Hogarth, Andrew, Ham and Beef Dealer, 118 Fleet Street.
   Hogarth, James, Fishfactor, 126 Lower Thames Street.
   Hogarth, John, Iron Merchant, Retorts, Pipes and Country Castings,
    Hartley's Wharf, Freeman's Lane, Horselydown.
   Hogarth, Joseph, Printseller, Publisher and Mounter, 5 Haymark Street.

Well, that's it so far!  You can see how this all fits together, by clicking the little yellow button below, for my family tree.

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