The Sheep Fold - Bryan Hoggarth's website - A goldmine of genealogical data and resources, including many GRO index references. An absolute 'must visit'. Specialises in North Yorkshire (NRY).
FreeBMD - Quite the most useful English genealogical web resource available.  Its huge database of BMD cert index references makes identifying and applying for certs a breeze.  Note this ongoing project is not yet complete.
Ok, you think you've found the ancestor you're looking for.  So what's next?  Well, obtaining a Birth, Marriage, or Death certificate from the General Register Office would help to prove it.  Here are the GRO info pages.
Have you noticed the three-letter geographical location codes used on this site?  Well, they're called Chapman Codes and listed here.
Roland Grigg's Cumbrian Genealogy pages - very informative, with links to useful resources.
Colin Hinson's splendid Yorkshire webpages for GENUKI.  There are more than 12,000 of them and they contain just about everything you could ever wish to know about YKS genealogy.
Les Strong's *huge* Westmorland pages - well worth a day out if your ancestors come from this area.
The vast resources of the FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service, run by the LDS (Mormon church). Without doubt, this is the largest accumulation of records in existence.
Again from the LDS, here is online access to their Historical Record Collections which are extracts of a wide range of census data from various countries.
Ellis Island records of US immigrants arriving in the Port of New York.
Cyndi's List - Many thousands of links to genealogy websites and resources. Huge, but easy to navigate and very, very useful.
The Archived CD Books Project.  This aim of this extremely worthwhile project is to preserve old books of genealogical and historical interest and then disseminate them in CD format at a reasonable price.
Burke’s Peerage, the definitive guide to the genealogy and heraldry of the Peerage and Landed Gentry of the UK.  I'm pleased to note that several Hogarths are represented.  Subscribers will find there is also a link to our site.

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Jimmy Hogarth - Born in the Orkney islands, Jimmy is a Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter based in London.
The official 'H' website.  Everything you ever wanted to know about Steve Hogarth, vocalist with rock band Marillion and successful solo artist.
Ross Hogarth - Music producer and Studio wizard. His dazzling portfolio reads like a 'who's who' of quality AOR music.
Thaddeus Hogarth - Award-winning recording artist in the soul - funk groove. His band's electrifying live shows consistently earn rave reviews.  Boston, USA.
James Hoggarth - Presenter and Head of Music at BBC Radio Humberside.
The homepage of musician and teacher Jane Hogarth Minnis.
Ted Hogarth of Chicago - Saxophonist extraordinaire!
Ginni Hogarth, singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist, was born in South Africa, where she gained nationwide recognition before moving to the UK in 1992.  Ginni's new CD 'Between These Walls' was released in June 2001.
Robin Hogarth is the composer and producer of many 'Ethnic' and 'World Music' projects and also has quite a few film and TV scores to his credit.
The Mulchmen (featuring Brian Hogarth on bass) are an instrumental trio from Dayton, Ohio, who play surf music.  You'll find a link on their page to some MP3s that you can wear out your knee joints twisting to.  Quite bizarre!

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The website of Adam Hogarth who graduated from the Royal College of the Arts (RCA) in 2013 with a Masters degree in Fine Art.  Some content may be unsuitable for kids.
The Site for Research on William Hogarth (1697-1764).  Probably the most comprehensive assemblage of web-based data to be found anywhere.  Created by Dr. Bernd Krysmanski, author and acknowledged expert on William Hogarth.
The profile of Courtney A Hogarth, Ph.D., a noted Jamaican artist who spent 12 years studying in China.  Courtney and I corresponded briefly during the early days of this website and he features in our guestbooks in both October 2001 and January 2005.
Alex Hoggarth - Graduate of the BA Design & Art Direction course at Manchester School of Art, Alex is infatuated with Typography.
Hogarth Arts Australia - Based in Brisbane the business was established in 1996 by Stephen Hogarth and his family.  Both Stephen and Hogarth Arts have won several awards and donate items for auctions to raise money for community events.
Burne Hogarth (1911-1996) - Perhaps best known for giving the 'Tarzan' comic strip a new lease of life, he will also be remembered for a series of superb textbooks on the subject of anatomical drawing.
Paul Hogarth (1917-2001) - This well-travelled and gifted painter, elected to the Royal Academy in 1974, wrote and illustrated many books, as well as designing several sets of UK postage stamps.  His autobiography "Drawing On Life" reveals that he was descended from the Firbank branch of Hoggarths in Westmorland.
I had some difficulty in deciding how to categorise australian Andrew Hogarth's multi-faceted web site which exists to document his work with the North American Great Plains Indians.  He's a photographer, author and musicologist - so you decide!
The website of M.C.A. Hogarth - alien anthropologist, story-teller, SF/F writer and artist.  Space Cadets will love it.
Emily is a Scottish designer and illustrator living and working in Edinburgh.  Working mainly with papercuts, Emily's motto is ‘making the everyday magical’.
Jessica Hogarth is a freelance surface pattern and textile designer, who was born in Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire.  Jessica spends her days in a studio near the sea, working on projects for a variety of clients, as well as her own product range.

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The family history page of Shelley Gosse, Newfoundland. There are some references to a family of early Hogarth settlers in Canada.
Ron Hoggarth's website.  Contains some very interesting family history.

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Hogarth's House, Chiswick - historic London home of the artist and engraver, William Hogarth. Open to visitors.
Hogarth's House again, but from the perspective of Jan Collie's 'Hidden London' website.
William Hogarth's grave in Saint Nicholas' churchyard, Chiswick, London W4.  This page is from the 'Flickr' photos website.
The website of The Dickens House Museum. The room in which Kate's younger sister, Mary Hogarth, died, has been restored and is open to visitors.

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Prof. Peter Hogarth - Deputy Head of School, Design, Engineering and Computing at Bournemouth University and a big fan of Marilyn Monroe!
Terence Hogarth - Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Research, the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.
Michael Hogarth, M.D. - Assistant Professor, Pathology and Internal Medicine Medical Director, Applied Medical Informatics Group, Telehealth, University of California Davis Medical Center.
Graeme Hogarth hails from the North-east and has been at University College of London for nearly 20 years, being promoted to Reader in 2001.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and when not in the lab he can be found on a squash court or watching the 'Boro.
Stuart Hogarth trained in the history of medicine, but now works at the interface between medical sociology, bioethics and science and technology studies at King's College London.
Robin Hogarth PhD is currently ICREA Researcher at UPF Barcelona.  He has lectured at many centers, universities and conferences in Europe, U.S.A, and Japan and acted as consultant on management education and decision processes.

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If you ever find yourself in Teddington, London, and gagging for a pint, here's a pub that's right up your street.
Hogarth Racing is a small team of UK motorsport enthusiasts comprising Bernard Hogarth of Sand Hutton, York, and Marcus Hogarth.  Just don't mention Moles, OK?
The Canadian Mining Industry's Hall of Fame carries this potted biography of Donald MacDonald Hogarth, 1878-1950.  His impressive achievements in Mines management were matched by a distinguished military career in WWI.
Baronage Press - the foremost authority on Heraldry on the Web and a valued contributor to these pages.
Ever found yourself desperate for a tractor, but didn't know where to buy or hire one?  This is the site of another Bryan Hoggarth, who lives in Kendal and has been in business since 1976.
For those of us whose roots are in the North Yorks Moors, the Esk Valley web site is an excellent source of information about the villages and communities in that area.
Pssst!  Wanna buy a fake title of nobility?  I would hope not.  However, if you are tempted, the website of Richard 7th Earl of Bradford explains why it's perhaps not such a good idea.  It also carries an excellent interview with the editor of Baronage Press.

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Be assured that Hogarth Family HQ has no financial interest in these websites, nor do we make any kind of monetary gain or commission from goods or services they may advertise.  We're a strictly not-for-profit operation and will stubbornly remain so until we finally starve to death through a lack of [donations].

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