Hog(g)arths from England to the USA
by John W Barlow

I have Hoggarths and Hodgsons in my ancestry. For instance, John son of Jane, baptized 11 Nov 1783 at Kendal, Westmorland. Jane, daughter of John and Jane (née Hodgson), baptized 18 Nov.1754 Grayrigg, Westmorland. Her parents were married on 25 April 1753 at Hugill. I have a list of the Hoggarths from the Longsleddale Parish Register starting 16 December 1745 with Robert Hutchenson and Agnes Hoggert and ending with the death of Thomas Hoggarth 20 Dec 1812. I also have the Hoggarths of Kentmere.

Let me start again with Dora Hoggarth, my grandmother on my father's side. She was the daughter of Jane Elizabeth Askew and was born in Furness Abbey, Lancashire, England, September 3, 1873. She married Rev. John Barlow in Fylde, Lancashire, England April 3, 1899.  Dora died June 14, 1947 in Nassau County, NY. She is buried with her husband, my father, and an aunt in Roslyn Cemetery in New York.

Dora was the only child of John Mattinson Hoggarth and Jane Elizabeth Askew. John M. Hoggarth was born in Bridge End, Longsleddale June 29, 1842. He was christened in Longsleddale August 14, 1842. He married in Manchester Cathedral, September 14, 1871.

In the census of 1881, J.E. Haygarth (Census mistake) was Jane Elizabeth Hoggarth who was staying with two of her Askew brothers in Grange Village, East Broughton, Lancashire, and with her daughter Dora. John Mattinson Hoggarth was missing. I later found out that John M. Hogarth made a Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the USA April 4, 1888, in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. He started buying real estate in that city May 4, 1891, under the name of John M. Hogarth.  Jane E. Hogarth did not come to the USA until September 1891, arriving in New York from the ship Majestic. Dora was staying with one of her uncles in the census of 1891, and did not come to the USA until 1911 with her husband and three children. John M. Hoggarth was recorded as an Inland Revenue Officer at the wedding of Dora Hoggarth to John Barlow April 2, 1899. (He was a Hoggarth in England and a Hogarth while in the USA.)

He died October 22, 1919, as John M. Hogarth in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. His obituary stated that he was one of the oldest residents of the Soo (Sault Ste. Marie), living there for over forty years and during that time he served in various city and county offices. He was employed on the locks. He was later made assistant superintendent, but had to give it up when the Democrats came into power. He was the first Marshal of the Soo. He was also deputy U.S.Marshal and deputy sheriff for a considerable time. Flags on the city hall and the court house were placed at half staff when news of his death was announced.

If he lived in the Soo for over forty years, he must have left his wife and daughter in 1879, but I cannot confirm this other than the obituary statements, which also stated that he left England when he was 17, and served on a farm with his brother in New York State. He was drafted during the Civil War, but for some reason he did not serve in the army. (It is hard to believe that he came to the USA in 1859 and married in England in 1871.) The obituary stated that not long after he did not serve in the Civil War, he came to the Soo to be employed on the locks.

When Dora "Hoggarth" Barlow and her family came to the USA via Montreal and on to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in 1911, they moved on to Brooklyn, NY in 1912 in order that the Reverend John Barlow could pastor a church there. He remained there until his death in 1959. Jane E. Hoggarth moved to Brooklyn after he husband's death and was in the census of 1920 in Brooklyn with her daughter's family. She realized that her husband never was an official citizen of the USA in 1925 when she planned to visit England, and applied for a Petition For Naturalization in September 1925. She was denied citizenship because she had died before February 25, 1928.

John Mattinson Hoggarth was the son of John Hoggarth and Margaret Mattinson, who married November 12, 1827, in Longsleddale, Westmorland. He had seven sisters and two brothers. The other children were Jane, Agnes, Michael, Margaret, William, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Mary Ann.

John Hoggarth, christened in Kentmere, Westmorland, August 19, 1804, was the son of John Hoggarth, baptized in Kendal, Westmorland November 11, 1783, and Ann(e) Clark, who married January 16, 1804. Their children were John, Henry, William, George, and Jane.

John Hoggarth was the bsf (unmarried) of Jane Hoggarth, Grassgarth, baptized 11/11/1783. (See beginning.)

I still have lots more Hoggarths, Mattinsons, Askews, and Barlows from England. My father was born in London, England, but died in 1933 when I was less than a year old.

Hope I have not overwhelmed you!

John W. Barlow
Tennessee, USA.


The name "Soo" was used in a copy of the obituary of John M. Hogarth. It refers to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Sault is pronounced Soo. I don't know this to be a fact, but Sault Ste. Marie was in Canada, but a part of it must have gone to Michigan at some point of time. I am trying to find out when this happened. Someone who has been there told me that this city is in both Canada and the USA, but I get the feeling that this didn't happen until the 1870s. Again, the obituary stated that John M. Hogarth lived there for over 40 years and was the first Marshal of Soo.

The John and Jane "Hodgson" Hoggarth had five children: Jane and William, both christened November 18, 1754, at Grayrigg, Betty, christened in Hugill, Westmorland June 27, 1756, Marian, christened November 8, 1758, in Hugill, and John christened May 25, 1760, in Hugill. He was buried February 4, 1858.

John Hoggarth who married Ann Clark January 16, 1804, in Kentmere, Westmorland was the bsf of the Jane mentioned above as the twin of William.
Their children were:
John Hoggarth, born July 23, 1804 and baptized August 1804 in Kentmere
Henry, born January 8, 1806 and baptized February 9, 1806 in Kentmere
  (buried February 9, 1876, age 70)
William, born July 30, 1807 and baptized August 29, 1807
George, born February 23, 1809 and baptized May 21, 1809
Jane, born November 7, 1812 and baptized December 25, 1812
Michael, baptized July 29, 1814, in Kentmere
Thomas, baptized July 6, 1817, in Kentmere
Christopher, baptized August 20, 1826.

The John Hoggarth, born July 23, 1804, married Margaret Mattinson in Longsleddale November 12, 1827. One of their children was John Mattinson Hoggarth christened August 14, 1842. He is listed as John Adamson Hoggarth in the IGI, but this was a mistake that drove me crazy for several months until I received proof from a descendant of James Fishwick who saw the name of John Mattinson Hoggarth, who was christened the next day after James Fishwick.

John Hoggarth and Margaret lived at Bridge End farm.
The children of John and Margaret Hoggarth were:
Jane, baptized December 28, 1828, in Longsleddale, Westmorland
Agnes, baptized August 15, 1830 in Longsleddale
Michael, baptized September 16, 1832 in Selside
Margaret, baptized September 7, 1834 in Selside
William, baptized July 17, 1836 in Longsleddale
Mary, baptized June 10, 1840, in Longsleddale
John Mattinson Hoggarth, baptized August 14, 1842 in Longsleddale
Elizabeth, baptized January 1, 1845, in Longsleddale
Dorothy, baptized July 29, 1848.

Hope this helps. I have a lot more Hoggarths from Westmorland but cannot connect them as of yet. Maybe someone can help me.

John Barlow


I was randomly surfing the net tonight and came across your reference to Sault Ste. Marie.  I live there and can shed some light on the name of the town.

Sault Sainte Marie is the 3rd oldest city in the U.S. so it dates well before the 1800's.  Sault is the french name for Rapids.  Our local waterway is the Saint Mary's river, hence, Rapids of Saint Marie (French - Sault de Sainte Marie).  'de' was dropped upon making the name more "english" sounding, but the 'e' on Sainte referring to the female gender in French has remained.  Saint (no 'e') Mary makes no sense to a frenchman using a male gender describing a female saint.  :)  St. Louis makes sense, as Louis is male and no 'e' is required in Sainte.

The city was settled well before the American / Canadian boundries were established and the waterway being a natural dividing line split the city in 2 sections.  Both American and Canadian municipalities kept the name, so you have Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan USA and Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario Canada!

Tom Fornicola
(Soo net-surfer)


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