Rod Hogarth - Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
Bryan Hoggarth - Dursley, Gloucestershire, UK
Peter Hogarth - Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
Nicky Johnson - London, UK
Les Hogarth - Northumberland, UK
Jean Miaris - Weardale, Co.Durham, UK
David Barry Allanson - Loftus & Whitby, UK
Laura Warner - My WES & LAN Hoggarths
Julia Sumpton - Heston, Middlesex (London)
Malcolm Hogarth - Plymouth & London Hogarths
David Binns - Thomas Hogarth of Blackpool
John Holt - Lincs., Lancs. & Westmorland
Anna Hughes - Hoggarts from Pickering, NRY
Christine Fishburn - North Yorkshire & Durham
John Holt - Lincs., Lancs. & Westmorland


Peggy Hogarth Minnis - Pennsylvania, USA
John W Barlow - from WES & LAN to USA
David Judson Hogarth - Massachusetts, USA
Jack Russell Beale - Venice, Florida
Arnold & Judy Hogarth - Pasadena, California
Tammy Usrey - Texas, USA
Donna Davis - Florida, USA
William Henry Farrar Ocean Ocean Hogarth


Catharina Hogarth - Elora, Ontario, Canada
Richard Hogarth - Saskatchewan, Canada
Judith Collings - Tillsonburg, Ontario
Isabel Neeb - Cumberland to Ontario


Alan Hogarth - Bradford YKS to Australia
Greg Smith - Scotland to New Zealand

This section of the website is a kind of 'holding area' where our fragments of genealogical data can be put for others to use and make sense of.  Once it's spread out in front of us, we can see how the pieces of the puzzle that each of us individually hold, relate to a piece someone else holds.  When we finally fit all the pieces together, we'll have an unique family tree and each one of us will know just which branch they're sitting on.

One big problem:  The missing pieces of this puzzle are being held by lots of different people, living in different parts of the world, who don't even know that we need their pieces.

As soon as you have enough information for a small page, please e-mail me and I'll fit your piece in here.  Pretty soon, we could be looking at several centuries of Hogarth genealogy!