Lincs / Lancs / Westmorland Hoggarths
by John Holt of Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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An Introduction

About 10 years ago, my wife and I purchased part of a converted barn at Underbarrow in the Lyth Valley, Cumbria, some 3 miles west of Kendal.  Having done most of the 'touristy' Wordsworth / Beatrix Potter things, we now felt we knew the Lake District reasonably well, and so decided to spend a little time exploring the history of our barn and its environs.

We soon discovered that up until circa 1906 the barn had been used as a tannery (Tanyard Beck runs close by) and also that the area had played a major part in the development of the Quaker movement.  George Fox passed through the village in 1652, causing his usual mayhem by denouncing the local minister in his own church and six of his first disciples - the so-called "The Valiant Sixty", came from Underbarrow.  It is further known that two of these six men were employed as Tanners, who, at some stage, most probably worked from our barn!  We were later to extend our exploration to Sedbergh, Kirby Lonsdale and Pendle -- all places associated with Fox's early visionary phase.  But that's another story!

Whilst travelling down the Lune Valley one day, my wife reminded me that my mother (a Hoggarth by birth), had told us that my grandfather, who died long before I was born in 1929, was brought up by his grandfather in Hornby.  We decided to look around this village and to our delight found the grave of John Hoggarth, Relieving Officer, who was born in 1825 and died in Hornby in 1912.  Buried with him was his first wife Margaret (née Carter) who died in 1878, and nearby was the grave of his second wife, Sarah (née Roberts), who died in 1905.

We were now hooked on discovering our family tree and therefore acquired the appropriate CD-ROM's to start researching on the Internet.  John & Margaret had 4 children -- William Carter H, born 1851, Daniel H, born 1854, George H, born 1857 and Mary Margaret H, born 1860.  Mary Margaret was my great-grandmother -- my grandfather John George H was apparently born out of wedlock!  As Relieving Officer (administrator of the Poor Law), John Hoggarth operated from Hornby Workhouse (which is still there today, as four houses) and was also the District Registrar, resulting in the appearance of his signature at the foot of each census return page!  With John's workhouse contacts, I'm sure his daughter's misdemeanour was hidden away.  My mother was only able to advise that Mary went into a Nunnery!

In 1871 John & Margaret resided at Pheasant Field Cottages, Borwick -- a delightful village just north of Carnforth, adjoining the Railway Station (now a private house).  John's father, Daniel H, was born in 1783 and in 1851 was living at 40 Crosthwaite Green -- just 2 miles as the crow flies from our barn!  Daniel's Father was Henry Hoggarth (born 1759), who died at Witherslack in 1823, all of 5 miles from the barn!  Henry had a sister, Agnes, (born 1793) and a brother Harry (born 1781).  Harry's son Robert was born in 1821 and according to the 1881 census was Landlord of the Derby Arms public house at Witherslack and a farmer with 47 acres.  Henry's father was another Henry (born 1731/32, died 1789 at Crosthwaite) and his father too was another Henry.  They appear to have lived near Troutbeck.  This is quite interesting, as it's well on the way towards Bampton from whence painter William Hogarth's family are thought to come.

For the last 37 years we have lived in Stafford, hence our total surprise at discovering that my Hoggarths come from the Lake District!

The following page reveals who my Hoggarths were, in detail.

John Holt - August 2002

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