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Here is what I know about the Hogarth line.  Most of the American Hogarth information presented is accurate.  The UK stuff is somewhat speculative.  I'm hoping that some other Hogarth may have a cross-over link that will get me a 'firm foothold' on the English parts of the family...

For example, Thomas Hogarth, who was born in Hinderwell, Yorkshire, lived in America and then returned to Yorkshire, I believe.  He also wrote poetry and I have a small book with two dozen or so of his poems.  The picture below was taken for a passport.

My grandmother, Florence Hilda Beale, was born Florence Hilda Hogarth.  She was the daughter of Thomas. I've boldfaced these entries in the tree, which can be viewed by clicking the button at the foot of this page.

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1881 Census - YORKSHIRE. Page 53027.

Dwelling: 2 Office Row, Eskdaleside.

Charles HOGARTH Head M 46 Iron Miner Born Egton, YKS.

Jane HOGARTH Wife 46 Born Eskdaleside.

John HOGARTH Son U 21 Iron Miner Born Grosmont, YKS.

Charles HOGARTH Son 16 Iron Miner Born Whitby, YKS.

Thomas HOGARTH Son 14 Iron Miner Born Hinderwell, YKS.

Mary A. HOGARTH Dau 11 Scholar Born Hinderwell, YKS.

Francis HOGARTH Son 8 Scholar Born Grosmont, YKS.

Jane E. HOGARTH Dau 6 Scholar Born Glaizedale, YKS.

Ellen HOGARTH Dau 3 Born Glaizedale, YKS.

John BAKER BroL 56 Sailor Born Eston, YKS.

The spelling of the wife and BroL birthplace is as it was on the census record, I think Egton is correct unless there were two such places, assuming, of course, that BroL is wife's brother. (Brother-in-law).

Rod's notes:
1). 'Eston' is likely to be correct. A place of this name exists SE of Middlesborough, not too far away.
2). Jane Hogarth, above, was formerly Jane Baker (src: MD) John Baker (BroL) is therefore her brother.

Descendants of Charles Hogarth

Generation No. 1


1. CHARLES HOGARTH was born 1834 in Egton, Yorkshire, England, and died (age 72) February 05, 1907 in Jermyn (perhaps) Pennsylvania. m. JANE BAKER November 25, 1854 in The Parish Church, Whitby, Yorkshire, England, daughter of JOHN BAKER & MARGARET LISTER. He was a miner in the Parish of Grosmont, County of Yorkshire, England. He died in Jermyn, PA, USA at age 72 and left a wife, Jane Hogarth of Dubois, PA., late of Grosmont, England.

According to information received from England, Charles was an iron miner at Port Mulgrave in 1871 and Grosmont in 1881 and 1891 (Src: census). He may also have spent a short time at sea. Charles and Jane may have departed England for America in 1893 (this is unsubstantiated info). A notice of their Golden wedding anniversary appeared in the Whitby Gazette in 1904.  Baptized: August 18, 1834, Ugthorpe Catholic Church. Buried: February 08, 1907, Jermyn, PA

Notes for JANE BAKER:
Baptized: July 05, 1835, Eskdaleside, Yorkshire, England. She lived in DuBois, PA after her husband died in 1907 and was buried in Jermyn, PA. (NE of Scranton).


i. JOHN HOGARTH 3, b. September 12, 1859, Grosmont, Yorkshire, England; d. (Unknown).  In 1881, at age 21, he is recorded as an Iron miner. Then unmarried, he lived with his parents.  Occupation: Laborer

ii. CHARLES HOGARTH, b. July 20, 1864, Whitby, Yorkshire, England; d. June 23, 1885, Eskdaleside (Grosmont), Yorkshire, England; m. JANE ANNE READMAN, (Unknown). In 1881, at age 16, he was listed as an iron miner.  He was living with his parents at 2 Office Row, Eskdaleside.  Baptized: September 15, St. Michaels, Whitby, Yorkshire, England

iii. THOMAS HOGARTH, b. June 25, 1867, Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England; d. (Unknown), USA.

iv. MARY ANNE HOGARTH, b. 1870, Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England; d. (Unknown).  In 1881, at age 11, she was listed as a 'scholar' (a student), and lived at home with her parents. Baptized: January 9, 1870, Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England

v. FRANCIS HOGARTH, b. 1873, Grosmont, Yorkshire, England.& nbsp; In 1881, at age 8, he was listed as a scholar and he lived at home with his parents.

vi. JANE E HOGARTH, b. 1875, Glaizedale, Yorkshire, England; d. (Unknown).  In 1881, at age 6, she was listed as a scholar and lived at home with her parents.

vii. ELLEN HOGARTH, b. 1878, Glaizedale, Yorkshire, England; d. (Unknown).  In 1881, at age 3, she lived at home with her parents.

viii. HANNAH MARGARET HOGARTH, b. 1857; d. (unknown). Baptized: May 01, 1857, Grosmont, Yorkshire, England

ix. GEORGE HOGARTH, b. 1862, England; d. May 06, 1877, Grosmont, Yorkshire, England.

Generation No. 2


THOMAS HOGARTH was born June 25, 1867 in Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England2, and died (unknown) in USA. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH WHITTERING February 25, 1900 in The Parish Church, Parish of Grosmont, County of York, daughter of JAMES WHITTERING and SARAH WHITTERING. He later married (2) ALICE (Unknown) in (Unknown).  Baptized on June 25, 1867, Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England. He had brown eyes and black hair and smoked a pipe. He may have been born in Port Mulgrave, along the coast, near Hinderwell. He was a coal miner in England and lived in Grosmont.

There is a possibility (according to Bill Hogarth) that he lived in North Port on the Thames or Newcastle upon Tyne. In 1881, at age 14, he worked as an iron miner in England, and lived with his parents. Wrote a book of poetry called: "Poems" which was published in Inidana, PA.  Probably written between 1910 and 1925. In the possession of Jack R. Beale in 1998.  Also have a poem he wrote that is typewritten on onionskin paper. Have a photo of him in Toronto, Ontario, Aug 17, 1921 when he was about in his mid-50's.  The family may have lived in Toronto.

There is a record of him in 'Delano's Domain: A History of Warren Delano's Mining Towns of Vintondale, Wehrum and Claghorn'. Wehrum was abandoned in about 1924. He worked for the Lackawanna Coal & Coke Mines in Wehrum. Thomas is listed in the Tax Assessor's Records as living in Wehrum, PA, working at the Lackawana Iron & Steel coal mine. In 1904, 1905 & 1909 he was a laborer. In 1908, he was a "Boss". In 1910 & 1911, he was a Mine Foreman. In 1909, he went into the coal mine to rescue trapped workers after an explosion that killed 21 miners. He is also listed in the "Mine Examinations" appendix as follows :-

"1909 - Mine Foreman Second Grade, Thomas Hogarth, Wehrum; and 1910 - Mine Foreman First Grade, Thomas Hogarth, Wehrum; and Fireboss, Thomas Hogarth."

There is also a record of a Thomas Buckingham, Frank Hogarth, John Beale, and George Jury (a family friend of the Beale's in Youngstown, and Republic Steel Chief Clerk), who worked as a clerk at the mines in 1907.  Bill Hogarth told me that Thomas moved back to England for a short time, then returned to America.  After his first wife died, he married Alice. Had a store in Cornersburg, OH., at the corner of 62 and Tippecanoe Road.  I have a copy of his naturalizaton paperwork that shows him living in Wehrum, PA when he was naturalized on August 18, 1908. With him were: Mary Elizabeth (wife), Florence Hilda (daughter), Frank Whittering (son), Nellie (daughter) and Roydon William (son).

There is a Thomas Hogarth Family listed on panel 149 of the Wall of Immigrants at Ellis Island. They were from Blackpool, Lancashire, England.

She was recorded as being a spinster in Grosmont, England. On May 23 1924, a death notice appeared in The Whitby Gazette, stating: 'April 24th, at Ohio, America, aged 56 years, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Mr. Thomas HOGGARTH, formerly of Grosmont, late in the employ of Mr. Chas Bagnall'.

Married in Grosmont in the presence of Francis Hogarth & Mary Anne Hogarth - could they be the wife and daughter of Charles Hogarth? There is a photo of the "Quay at Whitby" which is quite close to Grosmont.


i. JENNIE HOGARTH 4, b. Abt. 1890, Unknown; d. Unknown; m. FRANK BEDDIS, Unknown. I found a picture of her at about age 80 with the caption on the back "Jennie Hogarth Beddis". Guestimating the ages and birthdates made Thomas the correct age to be the father. May have lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In talks with Bill Hogarth in 1999, I was told that she lived in Toronto.

The S/S Death Index reads as follows:
Hogarth, Winfield Birth date : Nov 16, 1903
Iss: PA
Death date: May 1988
Zip code of last known residence: 18360 (NE PA)

May have lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

ii. NELL HOGARTH, b. Abt. 1890, Unknown; d. Unknown.

iii. FLORENCE HILDA HOGARTH, b. September 19, 1890, Grosmont, Yorkshire, England; d. January 07, 1959, Youngstown, OH.

iv. FRANK WHITTERING HOGARTH, b. March 09, 1892, Yorkshire, England; d. February 14, 1981, Youngstown, OH (Girard).

v. ROYDON WILLIAM HOGARTH, b. October 12, 1906, USA; d. October 1981, Austintown, OH.

Generation No. 3


NELL HOGARTH was born Abt. 1890 in Unknown, and died (unknown). She married VANE MCQUISTION. I'm not sure that Nell is the daughter of Thomas Hogarth. I found a picture of her at about age 80 with the caption on the back "Nell Hogarth Buckingham". Guestimating the ages and birthdates made Thomas the correct age to be the father. May have lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I Found a card from "Aunt Nell, Jack & Elva Buckingham" on the occasion of John & Betty's marriage in 1942. According to Bill Hogarth, Nell married and her husband either died or left her early on. She lived in Youngstown, OH and is buried in Lake Park cemetery, Youngstown OH., along with many of the Hogarth's.

i. TOM MCQUISTION 5, born: Abt. 1947.

FLORENCE HILDA HOGARTH was born September 19, 1890 in Grosmont, Yorkshire, England, and died January 07, 1959 in Youngstown, OH. She married JOHN BEALE (GF) July 01, 1912 in N.E. Church, Windber, PA, son of JOHN (G.GF) and ELIZABETH FRANCIS.

There is a small bible with an inscription, dated October 2, 1904, that reads: "Presented to Hilda Hogarth for attendance to Sunday School, Church of the Advent, Wehrum, PA." Inducted as Worthy High Priestess of Bethlehem White Shrine March 23, ????. Member of Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church (330) 783-0513, 3919 Southern Blvd, Youngstown OH 44512. Came to Youngstown in 1912 from Pennsylvania (originally from Grosmont, England). Occupation: Housewife. She wrote a card to her aunt in Whitby, England Mrs. C. Gale. She was buried at Lake Park cemetery, Youngstown, OH on 1/10/1959. Funeral arrangements were handled by Davis Velker. Church Affiliation: Pleasant Grove United Presbyterian Church.  Cause of Death: Cancer of breast, lung & brain 1959. Onset c. 1957.

Notes for JOHN BEALE (GF):
He moved to Youngstown from Scranton, PA in 1912, when he was 24. Discharged from military service 8/17/1917 in Youngstown, OH (Serial # 4250). I think that this was a medical and family deferrment and, at that time, lived at 411 W Heney(?) Ave, Youngstown, OH. He may have lived near and gone to school in Wehrum, PA (near Altoona) in Cambria County. Traveled the mine country in a buckboard in Pennsylvania and distributed the Republic payroll. He carried a nickel plated 32-caliber revolver and a tear gas pen as protection. Jack Beale, while on a ski vacation, met a family in Altoona, PA., who knew of him.

He began work in 1912 (he was 24) at Republic Iron & Steel Corporation (predecessor of Republic Steel Corp.) in Youngstown, OH. Worked in accounting at Republic Steel Corp at The Republic Building, 335 Market Street, Youngstown, Ohio. On July 21, 1919 (age 31) he was promoted to Chief Clerk of the Open Hearth Works, replacing George Jurey, who had resigned. In May of 1937 (age 49) as the Works Accountant, he worked in Gadsden, AL on a Gulfsteel deal, then returned to Youngstown to manage the accounting for the Youngstown - Warren District. He received a 'well done' letter for his "fine co-operative spirit" from the Republic Comptroller.

In the summers of 1935/36 he took the family on vacation to an island in Lake Simcoe in Ontario, Canada called Georgiana Island. They mostly fished in the lake and socialized with guests like the Evans': Blanche, Bill, and Betty.

He was a diabetic and an early user of insulin treatments.  Church Affiliation: Pleasant Grove United Preysbeterian Church.  Retirement: January 1944, due to death caused by a heart attack.  He was buried in Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown, OH on 7/3/1946. The funeral arrangements were handled by Hofmeister.  Buried: January 1944, Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown OH.

Married in a small church in Windbur, PA called the N.E. Church. The Windbur City manager's phone is: 814-467-9014.


i. JOHN FRANCIS BEALE 5, b. February 13, 1920, City Hospital, Youngstown, OH; d. March 13, 1989, Chandler, AZ.

ii. UN-NAMED BROTHER, b. February 13, 1920, Youngstown, OH. Died at birth. Buried: February 18, 1920. Family history has it that he was buried by the father in an unmarked grave (No.57, row 5, section G) in Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown, OH., to ease suffering on the mother.

FRANK WHITTERING HOGARTH was born March 09, 1892 in Yorkshire, England, and died February 14, 1981 in Youngstown, OH (Girard). He married NAOMI KOEHNLEIN in 1916.

Family Tree Maker lists birth as 8 Mar 1893 - The Vindicator as 1892. The S/S death index also lists death as 1893 - S/S # 280-20-4207. There is a record of a Frank Hogarth in "Delano's Domain: A History of Warren Delano's Mining Towns of Vintondale, Wehrum and Claghorn".  Wehrum was abandoned in about 1924.  Frank is listed in the Tax Assessor's Records as living in Wehrum, PA from 1903. He worked as a laborer at the Lackawana Iron & Steel coal mine in 1903. Worked as a truck driver for 35 years, beginning 1938, for Motor Express, retiring in 1963.  He came to Youngstown from Pittsburgh in 1921. He attended Foster Memorial United Presbyterian Church, which is not listed in the directory, but BUTLER MEMORIAL PRESBYTERIAN (330) 743-0121, 126 E Rayen Ave, Youngstown OH 44503, is close, geographically. He was a member of the Mill Creek Senior Citizens' Golf League. He died of a heart attack at home at 9:00 am at age 88. Church Affiliation: Foster Memorial United Presbyterian

The following is from the S/S Death Index:
Hogarth, Frank. Birth date : Mar 8, 1893
Iss: OH
Death date: Feb 1981
SS#: 280-20-4207
Residence code: OH
Zip code of last known residence: 44507 (Youngstown, South Side).
Death date: Feb 1981
SS# : 280-20-4207

Notes for NAOMI KOEHNLEIN (Aunt Nay):
The following is from the S/S Death Information and may or may not be Aunt Nay:-
Hogarth, Naomi. Birth date : Dec 1, 1897.
Iss: OH.
Death date: May 1983.
SS#: 299-12-8480.
Residence code: OH.
Zip code of last known residence: 44406.


i. WILLIAM H. HOGARTH 5, b. December 29, 1918, Pittsburgh, PA.

ROYDON WILLIAM HOGARTH was born October 12, 1906 in USA, and died October 1981, in Austintown, OH. He married KATHERYN.
The following is from the S/S Death Index :-
Hogarth, Roy Birth date : Oct 12, 1906
Iss. : OH
Death date: Oct 1981
SS# : 287-01-1900
Lived in Youngstown, OH 44512
S/S # 287-01-1900

Notes for KATHERYN:
Not sure if Aunt Alice was married to Roy Hogarth or a daughter of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Hogarth ?  Aged 65 when the green Chevy, that she, Florence H. Beale and Jack R. Beale were riding in, rolled over - Jack was about 5 at the time. Bill Hogarth tells me that she now lives in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

Children of ROYDON HOGARTH and KATHERYN are:

i. BEATRICE HOGARTH 5, b. Unknown.
She may still live in the Youngstown / Boardman area, according to Betty Flower, 5751 Meridian Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044. According to Bill Hogarth, she is not a daughter of Roy. He only had 3: Katherine, Millicent & Norma Jean.

ii. NORMA JEAN OWENS, b. Unknown, Unknown.

In 1999, Bill Hogarth told me that she is divorced and works in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. She had two sons. Her husband left her for a woman in the church choir. She retired as Executive Assistant to the CEO of a high tech computer company in May '97. Still works for the same exec in another of his companies.


Generation No. 4


JOHN FRANCIS BEALE was born February 13, 1920 in City Hospital, Youngstown, OH, and died March 13, 1989 in Chandler, AZ. He married BETTY LOU RUSSELL September 05, 1942 in First Christian Church, Wick Ave, Youngstown, OH, daughter of JOHN RUSSELL and KATHERYN OWINGS.

At birth in 1920, John & parents lived at 4011 Dewey, Youngstown. Right after John & Betty's marriage in Sept 1942, until 1943, they lived at 332 Lehigh Street, Pittsburgh, PA. He entered the Navy in June 1944 and went immediately to the Great Lakes Training Center, where he stayed until about August 1944. When he left Great Lakes, he went to Corpus Christi, TX and lived at 1010 Commercial Street, Aransas Pass, TX, while John attended Texas A&M's electronics school.

There is an inscription in an old Bible, that was presented to John & Betty on the occasion of their marriage that reads: "From Grandfather & Alice".  I believe that this was Grandfather Thomas Hogarth and Aunt Alice(?).

Birth Certificate says born Feb. 10, 1920(?). HS Graduation: June 16, 1938, South High School, Youngstown, OH. College Graduation: May 17, 1942, Case School of Applied Science, BS Metallurgical Engineering. He joined the Navy about June 1944 and took basic training at Great Lakes Naval Academy. He was home in Youngstown in August 1944, then left for electronics (RADAR) training at Texas A&M, there he lived in Aransas Pass, TX. Discharged about 1946, Aviation Electronics Mate, 2nd Class.

Occupation: 1942-1979, Metallurgical Engineer, Union Steel Castings & Republic Steel.  On Feb 23, 1954, he was inducted into the Masonic Temple in Youngstown, OH., as a 33-Degree Mason.  Retirement: March 31, 1979 - Assistant Chief Metallurgist of the Republic Steel Corporation.  Church Affiliation: Trinity United Methodist Church, Boardman Methodist, Chagrin Falls Methodist.  Died of acute case atherosclerosis. Onset was during a golf game in Phoenix. Death occurred at Chandler Memorial Hospital two evenings later. Buried: 1989, Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown OH.

Born in North Lima, Ohio, she lived at 1359 Canyon Side Ave, San Ramon, CA. High School graduation: May 23, 1935, North Lima HS, North Lima, OH. On June 18, 1935, Betty received a $150.00 scholarship (1-yrs tuition) to Westminster College, New Wilmington. All who knew her, liked her and called her "Aunt Betty". She was very friendly and outgoing and had a big heart. Once she came to tears and gave a man $15 who was standing in the snow and holding a "will work for food" sign, in Aurora, Ohio.

Church Affiliation: Trinity United Methodist Church, Boardman Methodist, Chagrin Falls Methodist.  Retirement: Never worked full-time.  Died, of a heart attack, in the early morning. Went quietly & swiftly. Buried: March 1998, Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown OH.

The children of JOHN BEALE and BETTY RUSSELL are:

i. JACK RUSSELL BEALE, b. April 05, 1946, Youngstown, OH;

m. (1) VIRGINIA BARBER, August 29, 1970, Bel-Air, California;
m. (2) MARGRET STANLEY, August 29, 1984, Valley West Apartment Pool, San Jose CA.

HS Graduation: June 1964, Chagrin Falls HS, Chagrin Falls, OH.  College Graduation: June 1973, Miami University, BS Applied Science, Manufacturing Engineering.  Occupation: Various  Church Affiliation: Buddhist.

ii. SUSAN FRANCIS BEALE, b. December 25, 1947, North Side Hospital, Youngstown; m. JIM SHEEHAN, January 28, 1978, The Church in Aurora, Aurora, OH. Lived at 4011 Euclid Blvd, Youngstown, OH., when born.

WILLIAM H HOGARTH was born December 29, 1918 in Pittsburgh, PA. m: SALLY BUTLER September 13, 1952 in Hubard, OH.  May still live in Youngstown / Boardman area, according to Betty Flower, 5751 Meridian Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044. In December 1998 I located him in Clearwater, FL. He worked at WKBN as an outside salesman in Radio & TV Advertising for 30 years.


i. CAROL HOGARTH 6, b. June 21, 1953, Ashtabula, OH; m. WILLIAM ZEILMAN, May 08, 1977.



1. Sympathy Card in Family Records:

"In loving memory of Charles Hogarth, the dearly beloved husband of Jane Hogarth, of Du Bois, late of Grosmont, England, who died 5th February, 1907 aged 72 years.  Interred at Jermyn, PA, USA, 8th February."

2. Marriage License, Parish of Grosmont, County of York, England. Copy on file.

3. Youngstown Vindicator clipping, about 1/9/42: John Beale Dies Suddenly.

"John Beale, aged 57, of 4011 Euclid Blvd., an accountant for the Republic Steel Corporation, died of a heart ailment at 9:10 pm., Sunday.  Mr. Beale became ill at his home and was taken in an ambulance to South Side unit of Youngstown Hospital.  He died on the way. Mr. Beale was born in Brooklyn, NY, Dec 17, 1888, a son of John and Elizabeth Francis Beale.  He came to Youngstown from Scranton, PA in 1912.  He was a 12-degree mason and a member of the Masonic Lodge of Altoona, PA., Syria Mosque of Pittsburgh, the Youngstown Shrine Club, The (Youngstown) Chamber of Commerce, and treasurer of the Tippecanoe Country Club.  He leaves his wife, the former Hilda Hogarth, whom he married 32 years ago; a son John Francis Beale of Youngstown; a grandson John Russell Beale of Youngstown; two brothers, Edwin Beale and William Beale of Youngstown and a sister, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Thomas of Hamburg, NY.  Funeral services will be held at 1:30pm Wednesday, in the Hofmeister Memorial Funeral Home, where friends may call Tuesday."


4. Youngstown Vindicator clipping, 2/15/81: Frank Hogarth Rites Monday.

"Private Services will be at 1 pm, Monday at Davis Velker Funeral Home for Frank W. Hogarth, 88, of 129 W. Boston Ave, who died of a heart attack at 9 am, Saturday at his home.  Mr. Hogarth was born March 9, 1892, in Yorkshire England, as son of Thomas & Elizabeth Whittering Hogarth, coming to Youngstown from Pittsburgh in 1921.  He was a truck driver 35 years for Motor Express Inc., retiring in 1963.  He attended Foster Memorial United Presbyterian Church and was a member of the Mill Creek Senior Citizen's Golf League. Besides his wife, the former Naomi Koehnlein, whom he married in 1916: he leaves a son, William H. of Canfield: a brother, Roy W. of Youngstown; and a grandchild.  There are no calling hours."


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