Weardale, County Durham, UK.

I'm originally from Weardale, Co.Durham and married a Greek. (We need a splash of fresh blood in the family least mine does.  The more I research into it, I find that I'm related to most of Weardale!)  I now live in Greece, but I'm so interested in finding my roots. My ancesters were all hard-working lead miners/farmers.

The village in Weardale that I come from, is called Rookhope - I've traced all my direct ancestors to this same village. At its peak, it was a centre for lead mining lasting hundreds of years. The main street is Hogarth Terrace, named after John William Hogarth, born in 1875, who was a publican and local councillor in the village.

I'd like some advice as to how I can find a birth date for my ancestor Robert Hogarth who married Isabel Potts in 1784. He is the first of my direct ancestors to be born outside of Weardale. After they married, they went to live on a hill farm and had 9 children, as you'll see.

First Generation

Robert Hogarth  married Isabel Potts 1784 at St.John's Lee, Hexham.

At present, I can't find where or when he was born (possibly Hexham), but do know that he came to live in Weardale with his family. They lived on a small farm - Brandon Walls, Rookhope, Weardale and had 9 children :

1 Elizabeth Hogarth c.23-Apr-1785.
2 Isabel Hogarth c.8-Jul-1787.
3 Thomas Hogarth c.9-May-1789.
4 Jane Hogarth c.9-Jul-1791.
5 Hannah Hogarth c.5-Oct-1793.
6 Robert Hogarth c.30-Jul-1796, m.1828 Mary Bowman.
7 William Hogarth c.30-Jul-1796.
8 John Hogarth c.1-Jun-1799.
9 James Hogarth c.4-Sep-1802, m.1824 Elizabeth Adamson

Second Generation

James Hogarth c.4-Sep-1802, married 6-Mar-1824 Elizabeth Adamson in Stanhope parish. James was a master blacksmith and probably a lead miner, too. They lived at High Brandon Walls, Rookhope, Weardale, Co.Durham and had 9 children :

1 Robert Hogarth c.11-Aug-1824.
2 William Hogarth c.20-Nov-1825, m.1849 Francis Smith. Lived at High Brandon.
3 Jane Hogarth c.5-Jun-1831, m.1851 John Brown. Lived at Brandon Walls.
4 Thomas Hogarth c.14-Sep-1833.
5 Mary Ann Hogarth c.29-May-1836.
6 Elizabeth Hogarth c.22-Apr-1838.
7 James Hogarth c.10-Jan-1841, m.Jane Bell. Lived at High Brandon Walls.
8 Martha Hogarth c.15-Jan-1843, d.1864 aged 21 years.
9 Hannah Hogarth c.30-Mar-1845, m. 8-Jun-1867 William Kirton.

Third Generation

James Hogarth c.10-Jan-1841, m.Jane Bell aged 22 years, Registry Office 7-Sep-1872. James was a lead miner. They later lived at Boltsburn, Rookhope. They had 4 children :

1 Margaret A Hogarth b.1872(?).
2 George Hogarth b.1877(?) m.Ellen Lucy Adamson ?-Dec-1899.
3 John W Hogarth b.1878(?), married twice. 2nd m.Elizabeth Ann Forster 1915. He was a Councilor.
4 James Hogarth b.1881(?), m.(?)

Fourth Generation

George Hogarth c.1877, m.1899 to Ellen Lucy Adamson. He was a farmer and lead miner, living at High Brandon Walls and Chapel Row farm. They had 7 children :

1 Robert James Hogarth b.1900, d.1967, m.1925(?) to Hilda Mary Jane Fowler
2 William Hogarth b.1913, m.Sylvia.
3 George Arnold Hogarth b.(?), d. aged 17 years.
4 Gertrude Hogarth married a Stobbs.
5 Maude Hogarth married a Vasey.
6 Violet Hogarth Married an Emerson.
7 Elenour Hogarth married a Walton.

Fifth Generation

Robert James Hogarth c 1900, d.1967, m.1925(?) Hilda Mary Jane Fowler. He was a farmer and a lead miner. They lived at Burnside Cottages, Rowan Tree House, Blue Row and Bolts Walls farm, Rookhope. They had 6 children :

1 George Hogarth b.31-May-1925, m.1959 Patricia Elaine Mitchelson
2 Leonard Hogarth b.1928, d.aged 13 days.
3 Arnold Hogarth b.1935.
4 Janet Hogarth b.1938.
5 James William Hogarth b.1941, d.1971.
6 Edith Hogarth b.1946, m.1969(?) to John Johnstone

Sixth Generation

George Hogarth b.1925, m.1959 to Elaine Mitchelson. He is now retired, but had worked in the lead mines as well as farming, later working for Wear Valley Council.  They had one daughter, Jean Hogarth (me!), who married Spiros Miaris. We have 2 daughters, now aged 6 and 10, and live in Greece.

Jean Miaris  -  January 2001

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