Bryan Hoggarth - North Yorkshire
Jack Russell Beale - North Yorkshire to USA
John Hogarth - Fylde, Lancashire
Various Artists - Hoggarths of Littlebeck, NRY
Malcolm Hogarth - Plymouth & London
Linda Hoggarth - Hunmanby, NRY
Janet Fawcett - Glaisdale, North Yorkshire
Maureen Beecroft - Westmorland to Ontario
Martyn Taylor - West Kilbride & Bute
Baronage Press - The Berwickshire Hogarths
Lesley Dea - Scotland to Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Steve Coe - Roxburghshire, London & Tyneside
Roxburghshire Hogarths James Hogarth - Edinburgh & Roxburghshire, SCT
Gillian Hogarth - Eccles, BEW
John F Johnson - Ayrshire SCT to Australia
Patrick Hogarth - Gordon SCT to Australia
Robert & Wendy Heyman - Gordon SCT to Australia
Kristy McCarrick - Gordon SCT to Australia
Roger White - Gordon SCT
Paul Hogarth - Dolphinholme LAN  

Have you found a family link to one of the branches in these trees?  Excellent!  Although before you go and graft that branch onto your own tree, you should know that none of this data has been verified by myself (nor, in some cases, by the contributor).  Your next move is therefore a very important one both for Genealogy and your own family.

You should establish where the original data came from and, if possible, check the source for yourself.  Without this vital step you run a very real risk of perpetuating errors that could be passed to future generations who might by then have no access to the original material.  If you're unable to do this, then it's absolutely essential to cite the origin of the data you have copied, so that others may check it.

Seasoned veterans will tell you that the first rule of genealogy is "Always Check Your Source".  Assume that nothing is true, simply because you saw it on a web page.  Like chinese whispers, trees which have been assembled from word-of-mouth data are especially prone to error.  Please don't swallow such information hook, line and sinker, or you'll rapidly run into a brick wall after just a couple of generations.