Swaledale, North Yorkshire.

Image taken from 'A Dales Album' by Marie Huntley & Joan Ingilby

Maybe not hugely significant, but interesting nonetheless, is Hoggarth's Farm.

Set in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Hoggarths farm is on the B6270 road, 19 miles west of the town of Richmond.  The farm can be found just north of the River Swale, soon after the road crosses it, at High Bridge.  On a large scale map, the place is shown as 'Hoggarths'.  The large number of sheepfolds across the river, and a disused hilltop quarry, half a mile to the west, are also prominent features.

I wonder whether the name of the farm originates from a previous owner, or its proximity to the sheepfolds and therefore a place name.  What do you think?

Update, Jan 2012:  Today, Hoggarth's Farm is also a popular camping location.  Personally, I had quite enough of all that nonsense during my time in the Army, but there's a link at the foot of this page if you're fond of camping it up.

Hoggarth's Farm Campsite Webpage
Location of Hoggarth's Farm (Google Map)