by Julia Sumpton of Los Angeles

The Will of Elizabeth Hyatt of 1856 (proved 1860 in London), named my great grandmother as the only beneficiary.  It stated, "which half acre and buildings are in possession of Mr. Hogarth".  This was in Heston, Middlesex.  It seems likely that the John R, below, is the Mr. Hogarth mentioned, but in any case could become useful to someone sometime.  The family can also be found in the 1881 census transcript elsewhere on this site.  Note all surnames are Hogarth, unless otherwise stated.

I would be really happy to hear from anyone who claims this family.

Julia Sumpton
Los Angeles
"Middlesex born -- even lived in Heston for a while!"

1851 HO 107/1698 Fol. 114 pg 18 FHC Film 193,606
Entry between Hall Farm and Heston House Establishment

John R. - Hd - 55 - Landowner - b. Middlesex, London
Georgiana - b. ditto
No further info on her and the two above were noted as "absent"
Harriet - dau - 16 - scholar at home - b. Middlesex, Enfield
Henrietta - dau - 14 - ditto - b. Middlesex Heston Hounslow
Georgiana - dau - 12 - ditto - b. ditto
Constance - dau - 11 - ditto - b. ditto
Florence - dau - 7 - ditto - b. ditto
John Henry - son - 4 - ditto - b. ditto
Leonard - son - 1 - ditto - b. ditto
also:  governess, cook, nurse.

1861 RG9/773 cFol. 48 pg 32 FHL film 542,699

John R., Hd, 65, Justice of the Peace, b. Middlesex, London
(Didn't note anything else)

1871 RG10/1313 Fol. 133 pg 34 FHL film 838,781
Heston Hall

John Rayer[?] - Hd - 50 [sic?] Justice of the Peace for Middlesex - b. Stifford, Essex
Georgiana - wife - 52 - Justice of the Peace wife - b. London, Middlesex
Lascelles Leonard - son - 21 Unm - Law Student - b. Heston, Middlesex
Margaretta Deverell - visitor - Unm - 30 - -- b. Virginia, America
also:  footman, housemaid, cook.

The references and information below were found during an unsuccessful search for John R. Hogarth the J.P., at the following website. http://www.a2a.pro.gov.uk/mainform.asp



FILE - Notes of admissions etc. of Hogarth to Plots Nos. 154, 710, 718. - ref. ACC/0435/EM/002/22 - date: N/D

FILE - Correspondence re Copyholds of late Mrs. J. R. Hogarth - ref. ACC/0435/EM/058/1-17 - date: 1900-1920

The website notes state,  "London Metropolitan Archives: Jersey Family and Estate 2001.  The data in this finding aid is in the copyright of London Metropolitan Archives.  Access to the Archives database is in Crown Copyright.  The records catalogued in this finding aid are NOT public records defined by the Public Records Act (1958)."

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