(1786 - 1986)

by Floraine Horgan


Rod's notes
Floraine's covering letter
Introduction and earliest generations
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This is a series of extracts transcribed from a truly remarkable manuscript posted to me by Don Hoggarth of Bothell, WA.  Written in December 1986, it has 211 pages, 200 of which are lists containing genealogical details of a great many of the descendants of Joseph Hoggarth & Agness Bailiff who emigrated with their children, from Westmorland in England, to Ontario in Canada, in about 1846.

Because of the huge number of individuals - many still living - mentioned in this work, I couldn't hope to accurately transcribe the entire book and run a website too, so only the earlier generations and introductory pages have been attempted.  Information regarding later generations will still be available, but on a 'look-up' basis only.  Please e-mail me if you think your ancestors may be here.

I must admit to having certain reservations about some of the details, and the number of spelling errors found in the original make me a little hesitant about taking any dates for granted. Furthermore, I suspect that the spelling of 'Hoggarth' may have been standardised throughout the earlier sections of the book. Having said all that, it really is an incredible piece of research and will be of enormous value to many people.

My transcribing of this work continues, so do please check back every once in a while for updates.