Our Genealogical DNA Project
You Can't Argue With Science!

Ever wondered whether you're related to someone else with a similar surname?  Well, if you've run out of ideas on paper maybe it's time to let science determine your blood-line through DNA testing, now that the process is becoming more affordable.

Put simply, what genealogical DNA testing does, is analyse one's genetic characteristics and then list them as a series of numbers which, when compared with someone else's, indicate the likelihood of a relationship to that person.  Hold on though...  Before you get too excited, there's some bad news as well.  The only people who can take part in this project are those with 'Y' chromosomes, i.e. BLOKES.  The ladies will have to sit this one out I'm afraid.  Of course that shouldn't deter them from volunteering male relatives who are descended from Hog*s through the male line.  (I say 'Hog*s' because spelling our name seems to have been pretty hit-or-miss in the past, although our genes have remained quite constant.)

As more of us get involved we will begin to see common links appear, which tie together otherwise unconnected families around the globe - and perhaps get a few surprises too.  I'm particularly interested to see what links exist between the various different main branches of Hog(g)arths.  Watch this space in that regard!

So where's the catch then?  Well, unlike the rest of the website (which is free), joining this project actually does involve parting with some money.  Please be assured that I won't profit from it myself though, and that as a member of our group you'll receive a certificate and report which future generations of Genealogists in your family will thank you for.  Remember, whilst you'll only ever need to be tested once, your results are permanent.

Ok, now we've got the awkward business of the sales pitch out of the way, I do hope you'll consider joining our very exclusive club by choosing a test which might use as few as 37 markers (Y-DNA), or as many as 111.  Obviously, the more markers you pick the more accurate any comparison of your results will be, although the cost does rise accordingly.  Why not read what each test is designed to achieve and then make your decision on that basis?

It probably isn't half as complicated as I make it sound, and there's a .PDF guide to the basics of DNA testing you can download by clicking on the link below.  Although the main things you'll probably want to know right away are: testing is painless and simply involves dabbing a sterile swab inside your mouth; and that the current cost of the 37 marker test is 119 US Dollars.

Since this page was originally created, our testing company went bust and we've had to move to another one, which unfortunately meant that we've had to start all over again with a new project group for our surname(s).  Whilst such a group does already exist, it's actually being administered by another surname project!  However, I'm currently negotiating with them and anticipate that we eventually will have control of our name, at which point you'll be able to click on a (working) link at the foot of this page in order to join and participate in the new group.

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