Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Cheshire, Connecticut, Hogarths, circa 1941.

This photo was taken circa 1941, at the wedding of Nancy Hogarth.  From left: Douglas Alan John Hogarth - 5th child of Tom, d. 1990;  Tom Hogarth (seated), born approx 1880 England, d. 1947 USA;  Bruce Edward Hogarth - 6th child of Tom;  William Oswald Hogarth - 2nd child of Tom, b. 03 Feb 1914, d. 25 Oct 1995;  Guy Robert Hogarth - 4th child of Tom, d. 03 Apr 1991;  Phyllis Hogarth Sullivan - 7th child of Tom, d. approx 1991;  Ted (Edwin) Hogarth - 1st child of Tom;  Nancy Hogarth Hollenbeck - 3rd child of Tom.

I am David Judson Hogarth, the grandson of Tom Hogarth (~1880-1947) and Phyllis Kathleen Ing (1892-1926), who emigrated from England to the USA, via Canada, circa 1918.  In the picture below, which is thought to have been taken around 1915, Tom is wearing the uniform of a lance-bombardier in the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

Tom Hogarth, circa 1915.

They bore one son Edwin in England before emigrating to Quebec, where their children: William Oswald Hogarth (b.3 Feb 1914), Nancy, and Guy Robert, were born.  In 1918 the family emigrated to Cheshire, CT, where Bruce, Douglas Alan John and Phyllis were born.  Tom, having been trained as an architect in England, became employed in that capacity by Scovill Mfg. Co., in Waterbury, CT., until his death 1947.  His wife Phyllis Kathleen died with child in eighth childbirth 1926.  In the photo at the top of this page, there is a picture of Phyllis Kathleen on the wall above Nancy and you can view an enlargement of that picture by clicking [ here ].

Throughout the raising of the children, the maiden sister of the late Kathleen, Adelaide Dorothy Ing, served in loco matris.  Aunt Adelaide continued to be the de facto mater familias until her death approx 1975.  She either came with Tom to Cheshire, or followed him there when Phyllis died.  She was a nurse working at Grace Hospital in New Haven CT, then in private duty.  Adelaide was known to us all as "Auntie" and beloved by all.  It is believed she had a gentleman friend prior to WWI and that he died in the hostilities.

My father William Oswald Hogarth married Gaylord Florence Moreland (b. 22 Jun 1918).  Their issue:

William Guy Hogarth (b. 4 Mar 1936) married Lucy Johnson - three children.
Phyllis Moreland Hogarth (b. 25 Jun 1937) married John Klinges - one adopted daughter.
David Judson Hogarth (b. 11 Jun 1938) married Claudine Irene Marie Diwald - one daughter.

The picture of my family which follows was also taken around 1941 and shows:  Gaylord Florence Moreland Hogarth b. Naugatuck CT 22 Jun 1914, wife of William Oswald Hogarth;  David Judson Hogarth, b. New Haven CT 11 Jun 1938 - 3rd child of William and Gaylord;  Willliam Guy Hogarth, b. New Haven CT 04 Mar 1936 - 1st child of William and Gaylord;  Phyllis Moreland Hogarth Klinges, b. New Haven CT 25 Jun 1937 - 2nd child of William and Gaylord;  William Oswald Hogarth, b. Montreal Canada 3 Feb 1914, d. Needham MA 25 Oct 1995.

The 5 of us - circa 1941

Of my father's siblings and relatives:
Uncle Ted (Edwin) remained a bachelor, still lives in Cheshire, CT.
Nancy married Jasper Leroy Hollenbeck (she still living, he deceased ~1985) - one son.
Guy Robert married Joyce Field (he deceased ~1986, she still living) - three sons.
Bruce married Mary (she deceased ~1975), then Catherine (they still living), no natural issue - one adopted daughter.
Doug married Joyce Burz (he deceased ~1984, she still living) - two daughters.
Phyllis married Timothy Sullivan (they both deceased ~1982) - no issue.
Pamela, daughter of a sister of Phyllis Kathleen Ing, married Richard Glenn, both now deceased in their 80's.  They lived in England (Maidenhead) and had three sons.

If I can provide further, please let me know. I'll be fascinated to see if we have links.

David J. Hogarth.
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- This information last updated: 19 July 2004 -

Rod's note:  I managed to locate David's ING family in the GRO registration district of Highworth (5a - later Swindon).  However, I still haven't found a record of Tom Hogarth's birth there.  It should be noted that there actually was a cluster of Hogarths in this district - to which Anne Wilson (née Hogarth) and others belong, although FreeBMD currently indicates that births in this particular branch fizzled some out 20 years earlier.  Please drop me a line if you're able to place Tom.  - Rod.

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