A pictorial history by David Barry Allanson

Elizabeth Hannah Hoggarth (née Dawson) [1838-1896] the mother of...

(Left) William, or maybe Robert, Hoggarth and (Right) John Hoggarth
[1860-1908], who was the husband of...

(Left)  Mary Alice Hoggarth (née Barry) seen here in Whitby c.1933, with
(L-R 2,3,4) Kathleen Mary Allanson, Joseph Barry Allanson, Mabel Hoggarth.
(Above right)  A photograph of Mary Alice Hoggarth's mother, Mrs Barry.

Mabel Hoggarth on her 21st birthday.


The following photograph was found in Whitby Library.  To maintain legibility I have transcribed the hand-written text originally at the top and bottom of the picture, verbatim, thus:

Shoeburyness Meeting 1888

Serg. Smithson, Bomb. Wray, Corpl. Graham, Serg. Tayler, Bomb. Nicholson, Corp. Hoggarth, Lieut. Col. Haysam(?), Gunners Reynolds, Mellinder, Hebson, McNiel.

Whitby Detachment
Winners of the First Prize (the Secretary of State for War's)
for the 40 pounder Breech Loading Armstrong Gun.


A composite image - a photo that never was - created by David Barry Allanson.
It features (L-R): Mabel; Ethel; John; Lillian; Mary Alice.


Preserved on this page are some of the descendants of William Hoggarth, born in 1789, a carpenter and shipwright of Littlebeck near Whitby.  You can also click here for a descendent tree which contains a lot more detail, but here's what his Grandson's family were up to in 1881 :-

1881 Census of Great Britain
Dwelling:  14 Raglan Terrace
Census place:  Ruswarp, York, England
Source:  FHL Film 1342165
PRO Ref RG11   Piece 4835  Folio 73   Page 48

Name  |  Rel  |  Occ  |  Marr  |  Age  |  Sex  |  Birthplace

John HOGGARTH  |  Head  |  Jet worker  |  M  |  46  |  M  |  Whitby, York, England
Elizth. HOGGARTH  |  Wife  | - |  M  |  43  |  F  |  Whitby, York, England
John HOGGARTH  |  Son  |  Jet worker  |  U  |  21  |  M  |  Whitby, York, England
William HOGGARTH  |  Son  |  Jet worker  |  U  |  16  |  M  |  Whitby, York, England
Elizth. HOGGARTH  |  Daur  | - |  U  |  14  |  F  |  Whitby, York, England
Anna HOGGARTH  |  Daur  |  Scholar  | - |  9  |  F  |  Whitby, York, England
Robert HOGGARTH  |  Son  |  Scholar  | - |  7  |  M  |  Whitby, York, England
Emma HOGGARTH  |  Daur  | - | - |  4  |  F  |  Whitby, York, England

Although John (born 1835) is noted as a Sailmaker, the census lists him as a 'Jet worker'.  Jet became very popular after the death of Queen Victoria's husband Albert, and John may simply have jumped on the bandwagon.