The Children of Charles & Kate Dickens
During a family outing, around 1850'ish?

That little picture below, is a very special (and quite possibly unique) early photograph which shows the children of Charles and Catherine (née Hogarth) Dickens. Also in the picture is Catherine's sister, Georgina, who acted as housekeeper to the Dickens' household.  I'm further inclined to believe that one of the women in this picture may be Catherine herself.  Call it a hunch.  What do you think?

It was very kindly scanned and sent to us by Tracy St. Claire ~ Webmistress at, a not-for-profit genealogy website that's home to an ever-growing collection of Family Bible records that are so useful for identifying ancestors.  Although currently lacking in Hogarth records, any help you can give Tracy in this regard, would be particularly appreciated.

Click on the picture for a more detailed view

Click on the picture to view the scene in greater detail (78Kb).

Who wrote this?

The note, above, reads along the lines of...

"Georgarna [sic] Hogarth and Gertrude (Kelleys?) -
surrounded by Dickens' children and grand children
- Taken at a picnic outing ?"

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