Dursley, Gloucestershire, UK.

Amassing a remarkable collection of Hog* resources and information in pursuit of his hobby, Bryan is a skilled genealogist and especially knowledgable about North Yorkshire (NRY) Hog*s. A visit to the 'Records' section of his website will reveal the large quantity of references - available online - that make his website one of the most valuable sources of Hog* data available on the web.

Bryan has devised and is working on a truly remarkable project that is extremely useful to all of us.  In the 'Hog* records' section of his website, which you can access from here...

The Sheep Fold'll find a series of pages containing hundreds of extracts from the GRO indices of Births, Marriages and Deaths, in England & Wales (also known as the St. Catherine's Index). These reference numbers are invaluable if you need to order a BMD certificate.  Eventually, Bryan aims to have a complete record of every BMD event for the Hogarth / Hoggarth name and its alternative spellings.

Because of the sheer scale of such an endeavour, he couldn't possibly accomplish this colossal feat alone, so any index reference that you can volunteer from your own research, would be made most welcome and given a very good home indeed.  Please don't wait to be asked - just send your index extracts!  Full acknowledgment will gladly be given.

If you'd like to receive a copy of the master spreadsheet (MS Excel), in order to add your own indexes, Bryan would be happy to e-mail you the latest version.  Just click [ here ] to request it.

"I was born and bred in Horden which is a pit village on the coast (see the final scenes in the film 'Get Carter'), about six miles north of Hartlepool.  Me Mam's lot were miners.  Dad's lot were still farmers at that time.  Dad's father was the last manager to work West Horden Farm before they built Peterlee on top of it.  I was brought up at Horden Hall farm.  Moved into a council house when I was about sixteen.  Dad went to work at the crisp factory at Peterlee and got twice as much money as he had been getting as a farm worker.  Then I went to college at Brighton - Chelmsford - Leatherhead - Chatham - Weymouth - Dursley (roughly speaking)."

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