North Yorkshire Hoggards, Hoggarts, etc.

Bilsdale can be found in the area known as the North Yorkshire Moors.  Located on the Cleveland Hills, about six miles south of Stokesley, it is served by the B1257 road.

The author of this valuable study, which was produced in May 1999, has requested anonymity, but I'm grateful for his permission to use it.  Prompted by a search for a baptism record for a correspondent of the author, it was later forwarded to Bryan Hoggarth, who, in turn, e-mailed it to me.


Author's note:
I didn't have any success finding the baptism record of William HOGGART between 1818 and 1820, but it has occurred to me that as Methodism was very strong in Bilsdale, I ought to try to find the Methodist records.

There were many HOGGARTS and HOGGARDS (the same family) living in Bilsdale and the first record of Hoggards in Bilsdale is in a survey of the Abbey lands, made in 1538, when Thomas Hogarde was listed as an Abbey tenant.

104 years later, when the whole of Bilsdale was owned by the Duke of Buckingham, a farm survey showed William Hogyard tenant of Okeheade Farme (61 acres).

The next surviving survey is dated 1781 and showed:
William Hoggard farming 164 acres at Crookley
Thomas Hogard farming 67 acres at Beaconguest
George Hoggard farming 40 acresa at Crossholm
George Hoggard farming 82 acres at Oak House
John Hoggard farming 63 acres at Appletree Hurst
John Hoggard farming 78 acres at Studfast Hill
Stephen Hoggard living at Spout House

In 1814 the situation was as follows:
Thomas Hoggard had 145 acres at Cold Moor Court
John Hoggard had 86 acres at Crossholme
Sarah Hoggard had 77 acres at Oak House
John Hoggrd had 73 acres at Studfast Hill
Stephen Hoggard had 75 acres at Spout House
William Hoggard had 66 acres at Appletree Hurst
Abraham Hoggard had 163 acres at Crookley
Thomas Hoggard had 74 acres at Beaconguest

It is interesting to note that in the next survey, taken in 1825, all the names had changed to HOGGART:
Sarah Hoggart 92 acres at Oak Tree House
John Hoggart 62 acres at Crossholme
John Hoggart 100 acres at Studfast Hill
William Hoggart 66 acres at Appletree Hurst
Abraham Hoggart 158 acres at Crooklass
Stephen Hoggart 45 acres at Seave Green
Thomas Hoggart 152 acres at Cold Moor Cote

The following Hoggards / Hoggarts and a Hogarth are listed in the 1851 Population Census:

Stephen Hoggard (26) was a farmer living with his father-in-law Michael Johnson and his wife Jane (Johnson) at Chop Gate.

Hannah Hoggard (52) was farming 45 acres at Seave Green. Her son George (20) lived with her.

Henry Hoggard (66) was farming 160 acres at Crooklieth. His nieces Milcah (35) and Elizabeth (30) were living with him.

John Hoggard (47) had 80 acres at Studfast Hill where he lived with his mother, Jane (68).

Sarah Hoggart (82) farmed 82 acres at Oak House. Her nieces Maria Raby (19) and Jane Hart (14) worked for her as servants and her nephew William Hart (16) was listed as Scholar.

Thomas Hogarth (57) farmed 152 acres at Cold Moor Court and lived with his wife Margaret (50).

Stephen Hoggard (22) worked as a journeyman at Cunisor Farm.

Entries from the Bilsdale parish registers:
1589 Agnes Hoggarde married John Syghwicke
1594 Elizabeth Hoggartt married William Colson
1596 Thomas Hoggarde son of William baptised
1598 Jaine Hoggarde daughter of William baptised

All the following are HOGGARDS (baptisms unless stated otherwise):
1601 Margrett daughter of William
1602 John son of Thomas died
1604 Robert died
1605 Agnes daughter of William
1605 Christopher married Alice Carter
1611 William died
1613 William son of William
1614 Thomas died
1620 Agnes daughter of William died
1623 Richard died
1623 Agnes (widow) died
1623 Jaine married Marmaduke Wilson
1629 Margaret married William Kirke
1634 Elizabeth married Lawrence Laynge
1642 Agnes daughter of William
1644 Robarte son of William died
1644 Elizabeth daughter of William
1647 William son of William
1650 Francis son of William
1651 Ann daughter of John
1652 Thomas son of William
1654 George son of John
1655 Robert son of William
1664 John son of William
1677 William married Mary Cape
1686 William son of William
1693 Jane daughter of William
1696 John son of Francis
1709 Ann married William Hugill
1713 Francis married Margaret Fletcher
1714 John son of Francis
1719 Elizabeth married Henry Gamble
1719 Elizabeth wife of Stephen died
1722 Milcah married William Mason
1729 Stephen married Hannah Hugill
1741 Ann married Thomas Cowlson
1742 Ann daughter of Stephen
1742 Elizabeth daughter of Stephen
1747 John son of John
1760 John married Ann Hugill

HOGGART (baptisms unless otherwise stated):
1610 Agnes wife of William died
1699 Margaret daughter of Francis
1719 Ann daughter of Francis
1729 Milcah daughter of Thomas
1730 Mary daughter of William
1732 Milcah daughter of William
1732 Jane daughter of Francis
1732 Robert son of John
1732 William son of Stephen (died 1737)
1732 Thomas son of William
1735 Elizabeth daughter of Francis
1735 George son of John
1735 Ann daughter of Stephen (died 1736)
1736 Jane daughter of William
1737 Margaret daughter of Stephen
1738 Thomas son of William
1741 Ellen married George Harte
1746 Stephen son of William
1756 Mary married William Atkinson
1756 William married Elizabeth Mason
1760 William son of William (died 1761)
1761 Ann daughter John
1762 William son of William
1763 Jane daughter of John
1765 George married Sarah Hart
1765 John son of John
1765 Hannah daughter of George
1766 Milcah daughter of William
1768 George son of John
1774 Robert son of John
1774 Margaret daughter of George
1775 Thomas married Sarah Mason
1776 George son of William
1778 Stephen married Jane Leng
1778 William son of Stephen
1780 Milcah daughter of Thomas (died 1780)
1787 Mary married Thomas Hoggart
1788 Thomas married Sarah Leng
1796 Maragret married Thomas King
1797 Ann married William Harbourn
1802 Milcah married William Medd
1808 Sarah married Joseph Tate
1813 Stephen married Mary Kitching
1828 Hannah married Thomas Trousdale

HOGGARTS AT DIFFERENT FARMS (baptisms unless otherwise stated):

1777 William son of Thomas
1784 George son of Thomas
1788 Stephen son of Thomas
1790 Sally daughter of Thomas

1652 Thomas son of William
1678 Ann daughter of William junior
1690 Robert son of William
1810 Hannah daughter of William / Ann Hugill
1817 Sarah daughter of Stephen / Mary

1777 John son of George
1808 Ann wife of George died (50)
1819 Ann daughter of John / Mary
1831 Hannah daughter of John / Mary
1818 William son of Stephen / Mary
1820 Thomas son of Stephen / Mary
1822 George son of John / Mary
1828 John son of John / Mary
1835 Mary daughter of John / Mary
1837 Dinah daughter of John / Mary

1753 William died
1820 Rachel daughter of John / Mary
1824 Ann daughter of John / Mary (died 1825)
1826 Elizabeth daughter of John / Mary
1829 Stephen son of John / Mary
1830 George died (80)

1608 Augustyne daughter of William (died 1610)
1611 Elizabeth daughter of William
1620 Robert son of William
1658 Stephen son of William
1680 William senior died
1681 Joan (widow) died
1688 Elizabeth daughter of Stephen
1691 Ann daughter of Stephen
1820 Sarah (widow) died

1768 Sarah daughter of George
1770 George son of George

1787 Sarah daughter of Thomas
1790 Hannah daughter of Thomas
1793 Thomas son of Thomas
1796 Mary daughter of Thomas
1799 Ann daughter of Thomas

1824 Andrew son of Ann

1696 Stephen son of Francis
1812 Thomas died (58)
1813 Hannah daughter of Abraham / Sarah
1815 Milcah daughter of Abraham / Sarah
1816 George son of Abraham / Sarah (died 1830)
1818 Sarah daughter of Abraham / Sarah
1820 Betsy daughter of Abraham / Sarah

1778 William died
1779 Abraham son of William
1784 Henry son of William

1770 William son of John - Appletreehurst
1785 George son of Stephen - Spout House
1787 Hannah (widow) died - William Beck
1791 Henry Atkinson son of Jane - Cowhelm
1794 Stephen son of Stephen - Spout House
1800 Elizabeth (widow) died - Hillend
1804 John son of John - Hillend
1807 John son of Thomas - Urra (died 1808)
1827 Hannah daughter of Stephen / Hannah - Seave Green
1835 Ann died (54) - Laverack Hall
1836 William died (87) - Laverack Hall

1666 Christopher son of John - Chop Gate
1675 Thomas died - Ellermire Bank
1725 Ann married John Helme - Appletree hurst
1754 Thomas son of John - Studfasthill
1814 Mary Ann daughter of Stephen / Mary - Seave Green
1815 John died (670 - East Row
1820 Jane (widow) died - Spout House
1821 Thomas died (82) - Malkin Bower
1822 Newark son of Stephen / Mary - Seave Green
1822 Mary wife of Stephen died (29) - Seave Green
1824 Emma daughter of Stephen / Hannah - Seave Green (died same year)
1824 George died - Broughton
1825 Stephen son of Stephen / Hannah - Seave Green
1829 George son of Stephen / Hannah - Seave Green
1829 Stephen died (41) - Seave Green

Stephen Hoggard - Spout House (45 acres)
John Hoggard - Appletree Hurst (63 acres)
John Hoggard - Studfast Hill (78 acres)
George Hoggard - Crossholm (40 acres)
William Hoggard - Crooklieth (164 acres)
Thomas Hoggard - Beaconguest (67 acres)

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