Alumni of Oxford & Cambridge Universities
Compiled by Bryan Hoggarth

Whilst in the library in Gloucester, my wife Susan doing the Xmas shopping, I checked out the family name(s) in the Oxford and Cambridge Alumni records:

OXFORD [to 1715]

None found.

OXFORD [1715 to 1886]

Hogarth, Arthur George 3s William of Greystoke, Cumberland, cler. Queens Coll., matric., 7 June, 1834, aged 20: B.A. 1838, curate of Great Redisham, Suffolk, died 1 Dec 1857.

Hogarth, David George, 1s, George, of Barton-on-Humber, co. Lincoln, cler, Magdalen Coll., matric, 15 Oct., 1881, aged 19; demy 1881-5, B.A. 1885, lecturer 1885-6, fellow 1886, classical tutor 1886.

Hogarth, Edward Lucas, 2s. Henry, of Bramwith, Yorks, cler. Brasenose Coll., matric. 24 June, 1859, aged 19; scholar 1859-64, B.A. 1862, M.A. 1868.

Hogarth, Henry, 2s. John of Winchester, Hants, gent. Magdalen Hall., matric. 28 March, 1828, aged 26; B.A. 1831, M.A. 1834, vicar of Hatfield, Yorks, 1848-77.

Hogarth, James, s. James of Liverpool, Lancashire, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 3 March 1753, aged 16; B.A. 1756, M.A. 1759.

Hogarth, Rev. John Henry, of Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, LL.B. 1819,1s. Henry Spence, of Rickmansworth, arm. Incorp. from Wadham Coll. 16 or 24 Nov., 1824, aged 37; D.C.L. 25 Nov., 1824, died 13 July, 1863.

Hogarth, John Rayner, o.s. John Henry, of St. George's, Bloomsbury, cler. Wadham Coll., matric. 24 June, 1828, aged 16.

Hogarth, Oswald Henry, 3s. William of Clifton, Westmoreland, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 22 Oct., 1861, aged 18; B.A. 1866, B.C.L. & M. A. 1870.

CAMBRIDGE [to 1751]

HOGGE or HOGGET, Anthony. Matric. sizar from Christ's, July, 1604; B.A. 1607-8; M.A. 1612. Perhaps R. of St Thomas-at-Cliffe, Lewes, 1611-42. R. of Glynde, Sussex; sequestered, 1642. (I have not included any other occurrences of HOGG or HOGGE).

HOGGARD or HOGARD, Daniel. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1679. Of Nottinghamshire. Matric. 1679; B.A. 1682-3. Ord. deacon (York) June, 1683.

HOGARDE, John. Matric. sizar from Jesus, Michs. 1556.

HOGGARD, John. Adm. sizar (age 18) at St John's, July 6, 1720. S. of Nathaniel, husbandman, of Nottinghamshire. B. at Tresswell, near Retford. School, Tresswell (Mr Newcombe). Matric. 1721; B.A. 1723-4. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 20, 1724; priest, Sept. 25, 1726. Perhaps V. of Skellingthorpe, Lincs., 1750-82. R. of Aisthorpe, 1752-82. R. of Scampton, 1762-82.

HOGGARD, Thomas. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Sidney, June 2, 1702. S. of Philip, deceased. B. at Burton Agnes, Yorks. School Beverly. Matric. 1704; B.A. 1705-6. Ord. deacon (York) Sept. 1706; priest, 1708. V. of Hutton Cranswick, Yorks., 1711. Perhaps C. of Watton, Hull, c. 1745.

CAMBRIDGE [1752 - 1900]

HOGARTH, George. Adm. pens. (age 16) at St John's, Mar. 16, 1773. [2nd] s. of John, apothecary and surgeon. B. in Vigo Lane, London. School, Camberwell. Matric. Michs. 1776; B.A. 1777; M.A. 1780. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Sept. 27, 1782. Called to the Bar, June 30, 1786. Migrated to Lincoln's Inn, where he was admitted July 18, 1788. (St John's Coll. Adm., iv. 307.)

HOGARTH, George. Adm. pens. at St Catherine's, May 5, 1848. S. of David. B. [Sept. 14, 1827], at Makerston, Roxburghshire. Matric. Mich's. 1848; B.A. 1852; M.A. 1855. Ord. deacon (York) 1853; priest, 1854; C. of Scarborough, 1853. C. of St Peter's, Rowley, Yorks., 1854-5. C. of Hornsea, 1855-7. C. of Holy Trinity, Westminster, 1857-8. V. of Barton-on-Humber, 1858-89. Rural Dean of Yarborough (Div. 1), 1882-9. R. of Harston, Leics., 1889-97. Married Jane Elizabeth, dau. of John Uppleby, Town Clerk of Scarborough, and had issue. Resided latterly at Scarborough, where he died Jan. 4, 1902. (Crockford; Burke, L.G.,1939; Cambridge Chronicle, Jan. 10, 1902).

HOGARTH, John Henry. Adm. Fel.-Com. at Emmanuel, Apr. 28, 1813. [Elder s. of Henry Spence, gent., of Rickmansworth.] Matric. Easter, 1813; LL.B. 1819. Incorp. (Wadham College) at Oxford (age 37), 1824; D.C.L (Oxford) 1824. Ord. deacon (Ely, Litt. dim. from London) Mar. 27, 1814; priest (LOndon) May 19, 1815. V. of Harlington, Beds., 1818-22. R. (and Patron) of Stifford, Essex, 1821-34. Of Ford Place, Stifford, Essex, and of 7, Sloane Street, London. J.P. for Essex. Died July 13, 1863, at St Servan, France. Father of the next. (Al. Oxon.; Foster, Index Eccles.; G. Mag., 1863, 11. 224.)

HOGARTH, John Rayer. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Emmanuel, Nov. 17, 1830; from Wadham College, Oxford, whence he had matric. (age 16) June 24, 1828. (Only s. of the Rev. John Henry (above) B. 1811. School, Charterhouse. Matric. Lent, 1831. (Al. Oxon.)

Note that there may be errors in the above data, so if it is important to you then check the source.

Statistically, since there are no Hoggarths, I think that this shows that Hogarth is a relatively common name compared with Hoggarth. No rational person would suggest that having one less "G" in your surname would make one more educated or intelligent?

    - Bryan

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