Hoggarts of Pickering, North Yorks
by Anna Hughes

A HOGGART Chronology in the area of North Yorkshire around Pickering.  How the Hoggart-Hills emerge.  Note variations in the spelling of HOGGART were found throughout the source data.

(PR =Parish Register;  MI=Memorial Inscription)

27-Nov-1777:  Marriage of William Hewling and Hannah Harding, Pickering Church.

27-Dec-1784:  Baptism of Christiana, daughter of William and Hannah Hewling Pickering Church.

1807 Poll book:  William Hewling voted for William Wilberforce!

9-Nov-1807:  Phillip Hoggart married Christiana Hewling, Middleton by Pickering.  Phillip was born in Egton, but there is no obvious baptism for him, as his family were probably RC recusants.  He appears to have started as a blacksmith in Newton in Rawcliffe, then handed that over to his son William while he went on to farm at Lyddyatts, a farm now known as Lydd House.  In 1851 he was a cowhand at his son-in-law's farm in Beckdale, though he died in Hallgarth, Pickering.  They have five children that I could find.

3-Sep-1808:  William Baptised, Middleton.  William marries Sarah Watson and has ten children according to baptismal records and censuses.  He seems to stay in Newton as blacksmith and to be eventually described as a grocer.  Children: Hannah 1834; Mary 1835; Christiana 1837; William 1839; Thomas 1841; George 1847; Sarah 1849; Rachel 1852; Martha 1854; and Mark in 18??.

17-Jan-1835:  Martha married George Marshall, farmer of Beckdale when he is described as a Cordwainer, of Newton.

20-Sep-1812:  Baptism of Phillip, son of Philip and Christiana Hoggart.  He was later to die aged 10 months.  (PR, both)

16-Nov-1814:  Another Phillip is baptised at Pickering.  He married Ann Mackley of Cropton, daughter of William Mackley in Middleton Church on 1-Dec-1838.  He was a blacksmith in Kirbymoorside, at 14 Beast market.  Ann his wife died in 1852.  Phillip bapt 11-Jun-1844, his son, died aged 17 in 1861, and Hannah his daughter died 6-Mar-1853 aged 3.  His son William lived 13-May-1840 to 12-Jul-1887 and was buried with his wife Jane and six infant children. (Src: Kirkbymoorside MIs, PR and Malton Messenger paper.)

6-Jul-1817:  Hannah Hoggart, daughter of Phillip, blacksmith and Christiana baptised in Newton, Pickering. (PR )

1826:  Phillip Hoggart stands, without success, as Chapel warden at Newton.

14-Mar-1835: Burial Of William Hewling aged 97. (PR)

22-Feb-1839:  Burial of Hannah Hewling, aged 92. (PR)

26-Oct-1839:  Baptism of James, the son of Hannah Hoggart, single woman. (PR)

1841 Census:  Pickering area, Newton.  A farmer - Philip Hoggart and Christiana live with James, aged one, at Lyddyatts farm.  William Hoggart, aged 30, is the Newton blacksmith.  Peter Hill, an agricultural labourer, aged 25 and unmarried, is a lodger at Judith Medd’s house.

8-Jun-1845:  Baptism of John, the son of Hannah Hoggart of Newton, single woman.  Born 5-Jun-1845 (PR).  John was buried 7-Jun-1862, aged 17.

1851 Deed:  Lydyatts changes hands, and is sold by Phillip Hoggart and George Marshall to Mr Thomas Mitchelson Kendal, lawyer and landowner.

1851 Census:  In Burgate, Pickering, Hannah is a Tea dealer, single.  Both James, 11 and John, 5 are with her.  Phillip and Christiana are at Beckdale with Martha and George Marshall. Phillip is a Cowhand.

22-Jan-1852:  Death of Christiana Hoggart, aged 67, in Burgate, Pickering.

4-Apr-1852:  Marriage in Pickering Church of Peter Hill and Hannah Hoggart.  Her father is given as Phillip Hoggart, Blacksmith, of Newton.  His, as William Hill, a miller.  Peter is a labourer.

5-Sep-1852:  Baptism William son of Peter and Hannah Hill. He died aged 5 on 9-Dec-1857 and was buried on 15-Dec-1857.

8-Jul-1853:  Burial of Phillip Hoggart aged 71, he died 6-Jul-1853 of bronchitis.

10-Jan-1855:  Baptism of Peter, son of Peter and Hannah Hill, born Park st, Pickering.  12-Jan-1858, Peter Hill dies aged 3.  Buried at Pickering Church.

5-Aug-1857:  Birth of Rowland Hill, son of Peter and Hannah Hill, Railway Inn, Park Sreet, Pickering.  Rowland is in the 1861 census a foster child with the Barcliffe family, auctioneers.  In 1881 he is landlord of the Golden Lion, Whitby, having been taken there by his father, Peter.  He has two children.  Florence A Hill and Rowland P Hill, both born in Whitby.  Later I found him as secretary of the Conservative Association.

12-Dec-1857:  Death of Hannah Hill, aged 40, of TB.  She is buried on 15-Dec-1857, with her five-year-old son, William, on the same day.  William had died three days before her.

1861 Census:  Peter Hill aged 48, widower, is an Innkeeper.  No children are living with him. (No sign of James in Pickering, and Rowland, the only surviving child is a foster child.)  By 1871 he is no longer at the Railway Tavern, he has probably left for Whitby.  Peter is shown as being born in Culcheth, Lancs.  There is a large Hill family with farms and mills there, where the name Peter is regular.

1864 Book:  Inscribed “to Mr Hoggart from a friend.”

9-Sep-1868:  Marriage of James Hoggart-Hill and Clara Christiana Felton Perry.  St George’s, Hanover Square, London. Her father is named as John Felton, gentleman, his as Peter Hill, Spirit merchant.  Their residence is Oakengates, Shropshire. Clara was brought up in Shropshire, the granddaughter of a village postmaster, Thomas Harriman Perry.

1-Sep-1869:  Harold Lionel Hoggart-Hill was born.  Family lived Belle Vue, Mede Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.  James is employed in the Goods yard at Oakengates, as Goods agent.

1881 Census:  HOGGART-HILL family at 39 Tachbrook Rd, Leamington.  Peter Hill aged 74, is innkeeper at 30. Gray Street, Ruswarp, Yorkshire.  James is a goods agent, selling coal all over the Country.  Later Moves to 15 Clarenden Square, Leamington, where he mortgages the house three times and lives very well indeed.

James and Clara have eight children, one of whom was Digby Hoggart-Hill, my Grandfather.  If anyone can find Digby in the 1901 census I'd be grateful, as he was on the stage at the time and is not at home.

Anna Hughes

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